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High Performance Rubber Sealed Bearing 5x10x4mm (1 Piece)


Product Model: All

Part #: BBZMR1052RS

Weight: 1 Gram

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Price: USD $0.56

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The following cars will use this bearing:

  • Tamiya Dark Impact (8Pcs);
  • Tamiya DB-01 (8Pcs);
  • Tamiya CR-01 (22Pcs);
  • Kyosho Inferno MP7.5 (2Pcs);
  • Kyosho Mini Inferno (2Pcs);
  • HPI Baja 5B (4Pcs);
  • HPI MT2 (2Pcs);
  • HPI Savage (2Pcs);
  • HPI Savage XL (2Pcs);
  • HPI Sprint 2 (2Pcs);
  • Associated Monster GT (6Pcs);
  • Bearings reduce rolling resistance and overall friction. They spin faster for more top speed, accelerate more rapidly for better performance off the line and have lower friction which makes your driveline more efficient so batteries last longer and motors run cooler.
  • Sealed bearings protect dirt and fine dust from entering, making them more efficient and longer lasting.
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