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Boom Racing Blogs

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Boom Racing releases a scale antenna for those looking to add scale realism. It also serves to protect your receiver antenna from being damaged.

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Boom Racing collaborated with Knight Customs to create a one-off Defender D110 military themed pickup truck.

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Boom Racing releases the HUSTLER M/TX tires in max class 1 (MC1) size.

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Boom Racing releases the new XL HUSTLER tires 4.75x1.75 Max Class 2 (MC2) w/ SNAIL SLIME compound Super Soft with new high quality 2-Stage open/closed cell foam included.

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Its November and the Hong Kong Recon G6 is finally here again. Boom Racing and the Recon G6 welcomes you to Hong Kong to the 2nd Asian Scale Invasion.

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Carisma Scale Adventure is releasing a new RTR crawler called LYNX. It is an ORV (Outbreak Recovery Vehicle) themed crawler truck based on their recently released SCA-1E chassis.

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Rules and schedule of the 5 events for the 2017 Boom Racing Asian Scale Invasion Recon G6 Hong Kong on November 11-12 presented by Kerry Hotel.

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If you are thinking of upgrading your Carisma Coyote SCA-1E rig, here are the Boom Racing performance parts that will fit this crawler.

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Boom Racing releases an all-new 1.9 skinny tire for 1/10 scale builds. At merely 24mm wide, they are the perfect size tire for military builds, retro trucks and daily drivers.

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ATees has an exclusive sneak peek of the all-new 1.9 narrow tire Boom Racing has been developing for the last 10 months.

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This year's Recon G6 in Hong Kong is packed with fun and exciting events. Participants from at least 15 countries will fly in to experience two days of non-stop RC adventure.

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Boom Racing releases the Defender D110 Pickup Truck kit version with full metal upgrades.

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Boom Racing is releasing their ultra heavy AR44 PHAT axles in complete front and rear sets.

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Boom Racing recently released three new Defender fully upgraded metal chassis.

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Boom Racing continues to push forward in U4 rock racing by releasing the Track Rod aluminum upgrade for the Losi Rock Rey.

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Boom Racing released four different shapes and sizes of M4 ball ends with high quality SST flanged pivot balls.

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Boom Racing released eight different scale chassis packages for your RC builds.

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Arguably one of the nicest Boom Racing wheels made to date, the "Stock Steelie" Land Cruiser 70 series has a perfect mix of scaleness and functionality.

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Boom Racing's SCX10 II keyed spool and bevel gear design eliminates inherent weakness of the stock Axial gears with the three 2mm bolts.

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Build details of two Defender D90 from the Canyon State Scale Adventures of the Boom Racing D90 Chassis and Team Raffee Defender D90 body.

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Ready-To-Go ultra heavy-weight XRMod PHAT axle package, this axle set will give you the ultimate performance you're looking for in any crawler.

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Boom Racing released this High Clearance Motor Mount which will increase clearance for your D90 / D110 / RC4WD Gelande II by raising the motor up.

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There are many new great looking 313mm wheelbase hard bodies on the market today. Boom Racing released a 313mm conversion kit for the RC4WD TF2 for new project seekers.

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The stock AR44 gears on the Axial SCX10 II are known to be a weak point on the axle. Boom Racing releases a new heavy duty helical bevel gear & diff locker to improve on its performance.

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Boom Racing latest release for the KRAIT 1.9 beadlock wheels - Green Edition Sandstorm and Venomous.

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Pictures of the MST 1/8 CFX-W upgraded with the Boom Racing Complete Stainless Steel Links upgrade kit.

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Boom Racing released the latest MST 1/8 CFX-W crawler upgrade, a high quality stainless steel links set that extends the wheel base from 300mm to 313mm to fit many popular bodies.

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The latest Boom Racing product to hit the market is an aluminum transfer case for the Axial Bomber RR10.

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Boom Racing new top grade performance crawler tire - HUSTLER M/T Xtreme 1.9 class tire with their new super sticky SNAIL SLIME compound available for pre-order.  

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An update for Boom Racing complete aluminum axles for Axial SCX10 that are interchangeable front and rear.

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Boom Racing announced a new top grade performance crawler tire - HUSTLER M/T Xtreme in 1.9 class with their new super sticky SNAIL SLIME compound.

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In this video you will see the difference of running with and without the KRAIT™ Adjustable Weighted 1.9 Beadlock Wheel Ring.

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Here in this video we will show you what you will need to do when you buy a set of boom racing shocks.

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Its 2017 and we need one of the things that calls for an update is the servo horn. Boom Racing released a new low profile aluminum servo horn that looks clean and contemporary.

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Boom Racing factory drivers will be racing with these prototype KRAIT 1.9 Delrin DCR beadlock center rings for the upcoming U4 Nationals in Arizona.

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Scale fans can rejoice as Boom Racing released a new set of aluminum 1.55 beadlock wheels dubbed the Terra Classic 8-Hole.

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The latest product to hit the scale RC scene is Boom Racing's Yota LC Classic 1.55 Beadlock Wheels. Its got great innovative engineering design and scale realism. These wheels are must-haves for Toyota fans.

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Boom Racing updated the Scale PHAT Axle with beefier helical gears, aluminum steering knuckles, lower profile PHAT truss and more.

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ATees has a new feature on the site to let you bundle up and save on your favorite RC parts. One of the hottest wheel/tire combo - the KRAIT Beadlock Wheels and Pit Bull Tires.

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Boom Racing released their new KRAIT 2.2 beadlock wheels following the popular 1.9 KRAIT Wheels.

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If you are adding tubes in your AR60 axles in the rear housing, Boom Racing's rear axles are filed down to allow them to slide through the tubes without any modifications needed.

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Ben Harmon recently teamed up with Boom Racing and made immediate impact on the U4 scene, with consistant podium finishes at the top level. Ben wants to say "Hello" to everyone.

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Boom Racing Asian Scale Invasion Recon G6 pre-registration deadline is now over. Over 150 drivers pre-registered to participate in the first Recon G6 RC crawling event in Asia!

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Ready-To-Go, bolt-on package with no modifications needed. Most affordable way to get this steering and all these other options in one!

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The first ever Recon G6 in Asia is just around the corner! Here are some tips we think you might be useful to you.

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The Asian Scale Invasion RC crawling event is just around the corner. We’ve talked to one group who are attending the event - the Sitput Park Trophy from Malaysia, to give us an update on how they are preparing for the event.

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The highly anticipated XRMOD PHAT™ Axle With Stainless Steel Steering Links and Stainless Steel Universals are now available for pre-order.

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Boom Racing recently released an all-new Weighted Wheel Ring System for their KRAIT wheels. Here is a video on how to install this excellent product onto your wheels.

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Many people in the scale comp scene know this name - Ryan Tousley. He has been a solid scale truck driver for a number of years now. We recently interviewed him and touched on his RC journey, how he started and his involvement in the community today.

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If you've been looking to add weight to your crawler wheels, there is an answer. Boom Racing released this an adjustable weighted ring for their KRAIT™ Beadlock Wheel series.

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Boom Racing released three new kinds of beadlock wheel rings - VEGAS, DESERT and LANKA.

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Boom Racing came up with an innovative design with the lower links for the SCX10, which incorporates two things, an optional sway bar system and adjustable links.

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We recently did an interview with Kelly McElderry, a woman who knows no bounds, loves to shoot and builds the baddest RC rigs.

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Boom Racing has just released three new colors for their KRAIT™ Sandstorms and Venomous beadlock wheels!

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A few months ago, I came up with the idea of doing a 2.2 crawler tire comparison. Why? Because at all the meetings I attend, people are always convinced that their tire is better than others. So I set out to see what these ZigZag tires could do.

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Axle tubes are one of those upgrades that you definitely need to consider. Check out this installation guide on Boom Racing's Kronik Axle Tubes!

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Boom Racing has recently announced that they will be hosting the first Asian RECON G6 in November!

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Time to turn up your steering reliability on your Wraith/RR10 with Boom Racing's Scale Trail One-Piece Servo Mount!

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Boom Racing has just released their new line of RC chemicals. Dubbed "BADASS", this list of Shock Oils, Diff Gear Oils, Grease, and more, will cover anything you need and more!

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In this quick video, we show off the Boom Racing Mono Shock System and the 007-BR V2 Gyro!

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Boom Racing has just released a list of aluminum upgrades for RC4WD D90/D110, and they are available at ATees now! Check out the featured items below for your rig!

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My latest build, the Crawl Of Duty rig performed admirably at the Comp' Des Pionniers in Belgium! 3rd place is a spot that I'm happy to get.

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Boom Racing's latest release is the new BullRopeRC Performance Aluminum Shock Tower, an upgrade made to increase your RR10's durability and performance!

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Hey drift enthusiasts, Boom Racing has just released the newest product for drift cars: 007-BR Gyro V2! Let me tell you its new features that will excite you! 

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We're sure you've seen it. Time to check-out Boom Racing's KRAIT™ Beadlock Wheels, and order them now!

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Boom Racing has just released a new function on their website. Dubbed "Boom Racing UNIQ

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If you're a Boom Racing Boomerang Type G or Type I user, you know that they're awesome shocks for your crawlers. Boom Racing released a rebuild kit to ensure you're never left stranded for too long!

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The Sakura D4 is an excellent drifter, capable of AWD or RWD setups. Well it's time to upgrade the steering with some aluminum upgrades from Boom Racing!

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Boom Racing has just released their newest product for all your crawlers out there: the new "Rugged Gear" aluminum shock ring hoops!

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Check out Zipilandia Scale RC Park's scale Winter Wonderland! Filled with scale accessories from Team Raffee Co, Boom Racing, and more!

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I had ideas for my custom-built COD (Crawl of Duty) project. A project where I am using an Axial SCX10 chassis, modify it and make a Proline 3452-00 Yeti body fit on it. I found myself in need of some outrageous axles.

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Can't find the right length or color for your links? Time to check out Boom Racing's huge range of threaded aluminum link pip rods, which comes with plenty of hardware to get you started!

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The first time you paint a bodyshell is always the hardest! Check out this video on how I sprayed Boom Racing's D90 Defender bodyshell!

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Boom Racing's Voodoo CVD Driveshafts are back! We've made it even better with our bundle deals, so you can upgrade your entire drivetrain with the best of the best!

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Due to the incredible popularity of the Phat Axles and Boomerang Type G's, we're opening up a pre-order to make sure you have a chance at grabbing some sets for yourself!

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New from Boom Racing are these aluminum hop-ups for the Vaterra Ascender. Get your metal on with rear and front c-hubs, front knuckles, skid plate, and more!

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Boom Racing's ultra-heavyweight steel PHAT axle housings for the SCX10 crawler are available now. Laugh and grow PHAT this Christmas!

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The EVO Beadlocks from Boom Racing line expands with two additional styles of 1.9-inch wheel! They have great scale looks and add additional weight to your crawler.

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Our build team has finished messing with the brand-new Axial Yeti SCORE Trophy Truck. Enter the Big Score - a Yeti SCORE kitted out with a massive list of Boom Racing upgrades.

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Hot news out of the recent event in Vegas - Boom Racing shocks are now the official shocks for RECON G6!

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Among the new products that came in this week are these unique-looking heavy-duty Voodoo center driveshafts from Boom Racing! They're available in a range of lengths for a ton of cars!

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Boom Racing has been making waves in the R/C industry with the high quality and great value of their hop-up parts. How do their latest Type G Piggyback shocks measure up?

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Boom Racing's new Evo Beadlocks are some of the best beadlocks you'll find on the market for your crawler. Check them out and unlock that crawler performance you've always wanted!

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Have you seen these new axle tubes from Boom Racing for the SCX10, Yeti, and Wraith? Dubbed the Kronik Axle Tubes, they'll add some weight game to your crawler!

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Boom Racing recently released their newest product for RWD drift users: their 007-BR gyro!

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Time to whip out the Boomerang Type G's from Boom Racing and see what they're all about! We'll show you how to take it apart and fill it with shock oil. They feel awesome!

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We all know that the 3Racing Sakura D4 is a fun chassis to play with, but it also needs enough aftermarket upgrades to support this car to let people to have fun with it.

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An amazing product from Boom Racing is now at ATees! It is the complete assembled aluminum convertible axle that looks like a keeper!

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Boom Racing has just introduced a new heavy duty bevel helical gear set for ALL 1/10 scale Axial cars.

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Have you ever thought of upgrading your stock HPI Sprint 2 for higher performance drifting? If yes, check out Boom Racing's upgrades to take your Sprint 2 to the new level!

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Boom Racing's Boomerang Type G shocks have been highly anticipated for a few months now, and they're finally ready for pre-order!

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The HPI Apache was a popular Desert Buggy/SC model, but why should parts stop being made for them? Boom Racing came out with 3 aluminum upgrades, which are compatible with even more HPI models!

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Boom Racing takes no prisoners when it comes to releasing upgrades, and that's why they've taken the liberty of creating some well-deserved upgrades for 3Racing's Sakura D4 RWD and AWD drift cars!

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Now that the highly anticipated Sakura D4 from 3Racing is out and being shipped, Boom Racing's ready to go with their newest carbon fiber chassis and upper deck plate for the Sakura D4!

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Boom Racing's Boomerang Type I's have been incredibly popular in 90mm/100mm/110mm variants, but is it enough? Their new 120mm variant of the Boomerang Type I Internal Shocks definitely is!

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Our friends over at Boom Racing created some new high quality anodized aluminum upgrade parts for the incredibly popular HPI Sprint 2 car!

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The Axial Yeti is one of the top bashing and rock racing platforms of the year. It's only natural that Boom Racing created some bulletproof aluminum upgrades for it to reinforce it!

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We got our hands on Boom Racing's new ARTRs and we gotta say that we love 'em! Check out their T815 6x6 and 8x8 military trucks, and their JW10 Jeep Wrangler!

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Boom Racing recently released their newest items for the Vaterra Twin Hammers: Aluminum Upper and Lower Suspension Links.

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Boom Racing always has your back when you need to upgrade and arm your vehicle to the teeth. One of their latest units is the Aluminum Transmission Spur Gear Case Cover!

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It seems like we're talking a lot about Boom Racing recently, and there's a reason why though! Their products for crawlers, drift, touring, and other models are top-notch, and that's why everyone should take a look at.

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Boom Racing has a brand new heavy duty bevel helical gear set which fits perfectly for the Axial SCX10!

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Boom Racing constantly provides us with some awesome upgrades, and one of their main attractions is their wheels and tires!

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Here's a quick list and gallery of the booths that we took a look at during HEC 2015 in Beijing! Make sure you go through the full list of images!

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We were able to meet our buddies over at Boom Racing at their booth in HEC 2015. Their displays looked great!

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Boom Racing has just provided some sneak peek images of their newest upcoming internal piggyback shocks, the Boomerang Type G!

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We know how many of you like to drift, so we wanted to showcase some of our favorite items for our drift rigs!

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Boom Racing recently released a few of their latest designs for tire covers. Come check them all out!

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We decided to showcase some aluminum upgrades from Boom Racing and GPM Racing for the Tamiya CC01!

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Boom Racing has just introduced a huge selection of new touring wheel/tire sets!

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Remember those Boom Racing bumpers and tire carrier for the Axial SCX10? Watch this short video clip to see more of it!

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Check out these sweet scale accessories by Boom Racing. The theme? Military ops!

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Boom Racing has just released three new CNC-machined aluminum upgrades for the Axial SCX10!

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Check out the latest aluminum upgrades for the Traxxas Slash 4x4 from Boom Racing!

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Boom Racing has just released new aluminum wheel wideners for crawlers with a 12mm wheel hex!

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We're starting a little segment called "Customer Rig Spotlight", and Aidan Tan's Vaterra Ascender is our first featured car!

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The entire team here at AsiaTees loves Boom Racing's High Mass aluminum beadlock wheels, so we have a surprise for all of you!

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Boom Racing's Jeep Wrangler body shell for the SCX10 is amazing! Adding this Boom Racing tire cover makes it even BETTER.

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Check out Boom Racing's Land Rover D90, the G63 6x6 truck, and the 7GI Mil 6x6 military truck!

Comments 3285 views

Here's a product assembly video for our Boom Racing High Mass Aluminum Beadlock Wheels! Check it out!

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These High Mass Beadlock wheels by Boom Racing are sweet! Check out this little video we made for it!

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What do you get when you install durable aluminum upgrades onto the ECX Torment and Ruckus? An indestructable short-course beast! Check out the parts we used!

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Boom Racing has just introduced two new colors for their Boomerang Type I Internal shocks!

Comments 3285 views

Want to make your own drift track? Boom Racing's got you covered with their own drift track parts!

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Boom Racing's got some new goodies for us: 1.9 and 2.2 High Mass Beadlock Aluminum Wheels!

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This new aluminum shock set we are introducing today is a must-have upgrade set for your Gmade R1 crawler.

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Check out our recap of all Boom Racing videos on our YouTube channel!

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Boom Racing has 4 new combos coming out for the Axial Yeti, the Traxxas Mini E-Revo, and the Traxxas Slash!

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Boom Racing has some awesome new Angel Eye/Halo Headlights in stock at AsiaTees now! Check 'em out!

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Want to find out who our winners are? Click this blog to see if your name or order number is listed!

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In anticipation for the Christmas season, AsiaTees will provide a 20% discount code for all Boom Racing products!

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Who knows the words to "12 Days of Christmas"? Well this year, we're going to give a gift every day for 12 days, and trust us, they're going to be good!

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Are you looking for some Christmas gifts for your friends and loved ones? Look no further! Here are our Top five Christmas Gifts to get!

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Boom Racing's Boomerang Type I Aluminum Internal Shocks Set is ready to rock and roll.

Comments 46548 views

Everyone can enjoy having scale model accessories with their RC cars. Here's our latest selection of scale accessories, courtesy of Boom Racing.

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There are countless upgrades for the SCX10, so many in fact that you need to choose strategically what you want to upgrade. That choice starts here, with our top 4 upgrades for the SCX10.

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Boom Racing has a bunch of different upgrades for ECX's Torment, Circuit, and Ruckus, with 6 different aluminum upgrades in at least 4 different colors to choose from!

Comments 21006 views

Attention all Team Associated B5 drivers! Boom Racing's aluminum upgrades for the RC10B5 are off the HOOK!

Comments 7065 views

How many years have you been decorating your RC model into a good ole jack-o'-lantern? This Halloween is the time to do something outrageous! Here, we show you the Walking Dead series with the Axial SCX10 and scale accessories.

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Have you ever thought about how exactly your aluminum upgrades were made? Why people keep calling their upgrades CNC machined aluminum parts? Today we'll walk you through the process of making RC aluminum upgrades.

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Once again rising to meet the demand of the RC pros, Boom Racing introduces us 11 aluminum upgrades in four colors for Traxxas 1/18th scale LaTrax Teton.

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Founded in 2012, Boom Racing is a RC brand that aims to become your RC hop-up specialist and makes products that are designed with your RC needs in mind. It recently released an adjustable digital multifunctional power switch. Read on to find out more.

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For its first offering for Team Losi Mini Rock Crawler, Boom Racing presents seven aluminum upgrades in four different colors to show its great interest in this 1/18th scale car.

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Largely recognized as the best-selling aluminum double suspension adjustable piggyback shocks for the past 12 months, Boom Racing has a full series of race ready shocks from 95mm to 120mm for you to choose from.

Comments 873 views

For the benefit of every RC enthusiasts, Boom Racing design ball driver hex wrenches it's available now in combos.

Comments 21294 views

As Axial SCX10 continues to grow in prominence and RC driving influence, here we present a whole set of legendary aftermarket upgrades for your SCX10.

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Following the scale accessories published just this month, Boom Racing brings us more of its new series of the 1/8 buggy wheel and desert tire sets.

Comments 6930 views

It has been a while since our last giveaway! This time, we will be giving away a whole RC garage full of scale accessories to one of the lucky winner!

Comments 2700 views

TA06 is already well-known for its optimum weight distribution and inboard dampers, but Boom Racing takes TA06 to the next level with its aluminum upgrades.

Comments 7407 views

Who doesn't want a garage to keep their treasures and work on projects. Proudly presenting Boom Racing's garage scale accessories.

Comments 5112 views

Thanks to Firestorm 10T, HPI got itself into the crowd of "great two-wheel drive stadium truck brands". Thanks to Boom Racing, now this model can be even tougher.

Comments 4221 views

As the name implies, the Losi Night Crawler can even crawl at night. To keep your Night Crawler safe from any unexpected nasty fall during your night adventure, Boom Racing has got some solid upgrade parts that will keep your crawler intact.

Comments 10035 views

Boom Racing now has a series of Jeep Wrangler bodies for the 1/10th scales crawlers available at Asiatees. Let's see how the Rubicon body looks with its light on.

Comments 2556 views

You want to be able to save a bit more on purchasing the upgrade parts and we listened. We are proud to announce our 20% OFF exclusive deals on all Boom Racing upgrade parts from now till 6th August 2014.

Comments 1431 views

If you're looking for some high quality, but affordable wheels for your 1/8th scale buggy onroad car, then you should take a look at Boom Racing's recent release of these wheels set.

Comments 43245 views

HPI E-firestorm Flux already has a decent stock setup, but still a few places need to be upgraded. Boom Racing here have few parts for you.

Comments 5148 views

Long ago Benjamin Franklin had a great quote: "In wine there is wisdom, in beer there is freedom, in water there is bacteria.", that is why Boom Racing has brought you wisdom - in a scaled form.

Comments 13086 views

It's here! Boom Racing have recently acquire a couple of Jeep Wrangler body for the 1/10th scales crawlers and now they're available right at Asiatees!

Comments 8550 views

Over the years, many RC drivers have craft their own RC accessories. Now Boom Racing has released a series of unique RC accessories without the hassle of making your own.

Comments 3816 views

Which option parts do you need if BD7 is going to run on different track conditions? Boom Racing has just got the best upgrade list for you, check out our fantastic line up of upgrade parts below.

Comments 11718 views

Boom Racing has made a series of realistic RC accessories that will perfectly fit your Axial cars. Who said summer is too hot to crawl? Let's creating a relaxed, outdoorsy feel with these nostalgic items now.

Comments 5247 views

The Yokomo BD7 is a true evolution of Yokomo's top 1/10 electric touring cars. After being redesigned in 2014, BD7 became available with few dark color aluminum parts. Now the opportunity to build a unique aluminum BD7 is offered at Asiatees!

Comments 1602 views

One of the most exciting fun that Losi Night Crawler can bring us is that crawling fun doesn't have to end when the sun goes down anymore, but is there any way that we can make it more futuristic?

Comments 4509 views

3Racing Sakura D3 is built tough for drifting and racing, but you will never know what your car would bump into while drifting! In order to make it unbreakable, you will need this Boom Racing performance combo set!

Comments 3699 views

If you are a serious basher with your Losi 5ive-T, Boom Racing has brought you the good news with its really awesome new upgrades for the Losi 5IVE-T. Read on for more details!

Comments 5373 views

In case you don't notice, we have some aftermarket upgrades for E-Firestorm and Blitz already. Come check out these parts!

Comments 9306 views

It's here! The aftermarket parts for Team Losi's Night Crawler has finally arrived at Asiatees! Let's check out these parts!

Comments 42606 views

Has your Firestorm 10T amazed you by how tough it can be? If not, here is your chance. Upgrade your car with the new Boom Racing aluminum upgrades and it's ready to show you its toughest side.

Comments 10071 views

Under normal circumstances, you'll have spare parts lying around for your Sakura D3 for replacement in case you do couple of flips in midair and land hard on the track. But what if your chassis ends up breaking instead?

Comments 1089 views

What else can you put on your car to give it more scale look? The answer is sound. Today we are giving out a high performance straight alloy pipe (#BRW08004) for 1/10 buggy and truck. Read on to find out how to make your car go vroom vroom!

Comments 5130 views

The Sakura D3 is a versatile drifter with a true front motor design allowing the motor to be in front of the front differential, bringing it close to weight distribution of a real life drift car. If you haven't got one yet, you should get one, along with the quality hop-ups that Asiatees has available for you.

Comments 2700 views

Need a set of decent drift tires? Today Asiatees will be giving out a set of tires that you can show off to your friends.

Comments 1260 views

So you think that the bearings on your car are not performing the way it should? Here we recommend you Boom Racing's ceramic ball bearing - guarantee you'll get the bang for your buck!

Comments 4788 views

Sakura D3 Fans, you're all in for a treat! Boom Racing is now releasing a set of aluminum upgrades for the D3. Want to know which parts are available? Check it out here.

Comments 1971 views

If you are a new beginner to the RC drifting world, you might be overwhelmed by the selection of drift tires and not know what kinds of drift tires best fits your needs. Hence, Asiatees will help you make the correct choice.

Comments 1305 views

If you have participated in our previous giveaways, you would know that we are doing a giveaway series now about different brands. If you have bought any Boom Racing parts from us, you would know the top 3 characteristics about Boom Racing

Comments 1683 views

Ever heard of Boom Racing? Now you have. Boom Racing has recently released a bunch of awesome accessories for your cars, come check out what Boom Racing has to offer!

Comments 2286 views

As we have shown you all about the Boom Racing wheels and tires before, we would like to take this chance to give a set of these out today! Check out how to get 2 pairs of these easily by answering questions!


Comments 1008 views

Wait, what?! For those who have participated in our giveaway events before, you know how it goes. But we thought we are not giving out enough things to satisfy our huge number of fans. Let

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There are many reasons of changing to a higher offset wheels, with higher offsets, the wheels hex moves closer to the car body which moves the rim outwards of the car body. Boom Racing has newly issued a series of plastic wheel set with high offsets which just suits the purpose!

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After a long drive on the bumpy roads, you may not be satisfied with the suspension of the original shocks of your cars. The original shocks may not be responsive enough and the reaction time may become slow. What should you do if you want to get an upgraded version of shocks to improve your driving performance?

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Ever wonder how the pros make their RC drift cars look so incredibly realistic? Sometime all it takes are the right set of wheels. Boom Racing is releasing more than 30 different of these realistic drift wheels, and in many colors.

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From now till Stock Lasts! Free Battery Strap Giveaway!

Comments 243 views

XRMOD PHAT axle heavy duty rear shafts are now available to match your front XRMOD PHAT axle.

Comments 243 views

Boom Racing released an all new 7-pieces allen hex wrench tool set with a few new features.

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Boom Racing releases a High Clearance Skid Plate Conversion Kit to increase significant ground clearance for the Defender D90/G2 chassis.


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