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Team Drivers

Ryan Tousley

( #ryantousley )

I love this hobby, I have 9 years of RC crawler experience. My first crawler was the Axial Scorpion I preordered in 2007. I fixed it up and started competing with it in 2008 and have been at it ever since. I attended the first RC Nationals in Moab, UT in 2008, and made it into the RC Crawler magazine that was covering the event. I've also attended Rocas Rojo 2009, 2010, and 2011 in Denver CO. 2014 Recon G6 Buena Vista, CO is when it really got under my skin and I fell in love with a different side of the RC life, "Doing Work".  2015 was probably my best year to date. I was able to compete in 5 Recon G6's including The Fix and Birthday Bash. I was the only driver to receive 1.9 Driver of the day twice in the same year; one at the Moab G6 and one at the Birthday Bash in Reno, NV. At home in Grand Jct. CO I host local events once a month, either a scale comp or scale adventure. I have 7 Recon G6 events scheduled for this year including Axial Fest, The Fix, and Birthday Bash. I am looking forward to getting my Recon G6 certified OC 1.9 wraith conversion kits off the ground. I am married with 2 boys, and of course everyone in the family has a crawler and they also attend local as well as travel to events to compete and love it.

I finished the 2016 Fix in 5th place.

Rigs: 1.9 Wraith; 1.9 Toyota Wraith; 1.9 class 2 Nukzier Wraith; 2.2 EXO Wraith; 1.9 SCX10 red dodge BoomRacing Edition; 1.9 TCS Chassis Chevy; 2.2 Custom Wreckluse Jeep; 2.2 SCX10 JK Jeep; 2.2 XR10 pro comp

Tony aka "the FLYINGHAWAIIN"

I have been doing RCs for about 28 yrs from your short course racing to 8th scale Electric buggy done to 1/18 scale racing I love the hobby and THE RC community.

I have travelled to many places to compete like Motorama in PA, KNK TTC in Ohio. To the toughest comp in the East Coast "STL" Shred the Ledge" in Vermont and New Hampshire.


I Currently run my own Team "TEAM FLYINGHAWAIIN" WHERE a family oriented team and here I HELP and teach no comers and old how to mod their rigs and explain parts.

Trevor Rushford
@vermont_scale_rc on Instagram
Favorite Boom Racing product - Type I Boomerang 90mm shocks
Favorite band - Hatebreed
Favorite RC - TF2
First RC - Blackfoot
Live in USA Vermont

Hi, I like long walks in the woods with my rc's and I'm looking for like minded others to take those walks with me! I have created the toughest RC competition in the world called Shred The Ledge. I have been rc'ing since I was 13 and I'm 42 now, so that's like 6 years now. I enjoy a community of people, and I like to share the fun, while bringing the fun! I have set several bars in the rc world by completing the 1st 48 Hour straight rc event, then upping that to 64 hours straight. I look forward to bringing more excitement to the RC world while bringing the world to RC!

Ben Harmon

I'm 27 years old and i live in Grass valley California I've been racing rc for the last 5 years mostly u4rc I also crawl and trail my rc rigs every weekend and spend a lot of time behind the wheel in real 1:1  rock crawling I've been into rc everything since I was 5 and still enjoy every moment of it.

 Rigs: 2.2 Yeti,1.9 Bomber, 2.2 and 1.9 Wraith, 2.2 Caged Trophy SCX10 and SCX10.2

Jeff Garcia

I am very excited to be a part of the Boom Racing team!  I have been impressed with the company since I was introduced to them on their first trip to RCX.  My first hobby grade RC was a used Blackfoot that I converted into a prerunner basher back in the 90’s.  Since then I’ve owned 2wd and 4wd Slashes, Axial Wraiths, SCX10s, SCX10ii, Bombers, Yetis, Exos, Vaterra Ascender and Twin Hammers.  My interest in the hobby is kept alive because of the creativity involved and the desire to bring something original to my builds.  I really like painting lexan bodies and I do it for my club friends all the time.  I’ve won a couple of Reader’s Rides contests too, for Pro-line and RC Car Action.  I’ve competed in local comps and G6 events, but my competitive side’s main outlet is U4RC racing.  I’ve been participating in the SoCal U4 races since the original track at Glen Helen Raceway.  I’ve raced the 1.9 Trail, 1.9 Comp, and 2.2 Comp classes and I’m running Boom parts on all of my rigs.  When I’m not racing I like the laid back trail runs and get together with my local club Temecula Valley Scale Crawlers.  We’re all in this hobby for fun and my motto is, “If you’re not having fun, you’re not doing it right!”  Thank you Boom Racing for helping the fun continue.  Go Team Boom!

Gentry McWherter

Hello all,
I'm Gentry McWherter from Chandler Arizona, Boom Racing Team driver and AZU4RC track manager.
I've been involved in the R/C world since 1990 racing 10th scale indoors and outdoors at that time, and after a break got back into racing Nitro 8th scale in 2011. Since 2011 I have been part of the team that keeps Fear Farm R/C Raceway operating. During my time in the nitro world i have attended multiple large races including The Dirt Nitro Challenge multiple times, JBRL and KBRL races.
In 2014 I picked up a Yeti, and in 2015 we built our 1st U4RC layout at Fear Farm. I enjoy being able to bring racers together to compete in what is the funnest form of racing for me, and many of my friends. Other interests include Scale Comps with my C2 and C3 rigs here in AZ, and of course Nitro 8th scale racing.
My current fleet consists of my Boom Racing Yeti, my UCFAB PRT, Axial Wraith w/tummy tuck, Axial SCX10, Hotbodies D815 and Hotbodies D8TTE.
I look forward to seeing you on the track or on the trail!

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