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Team Drivers

Phil Kockerbeck

( #CrawlerDudeRC )

I am a Canadian who was uprooted to the Arizona desert as a kid. I used to race dirtbikes, but after 7 broken bones, 3 surgeries, and way too many wheelchair wheelies - I decided to go full on with RC cars!
My first crawler build was over a decade ago, before Axial was around and you couldn't buy a ready to run. With the help of RC forums, I was able to build a TLT-1 axled Bender customs SW2 with a scale bronco body! Almost 2 years ago, I started doing local crawling competitions, and helped form the Arizona U4 RC Club.
In late 2015, I attended "The Fix" 12hr. Recon G6 with a fully built Boom Racing sponsored build. They were so passionate about testing there parts and getting them certified, that I was stoked to hop on board. That build endured 12 hours of run time between 3 different drivers, and didnt beeak one single boom racing part. Only issues were a burnt up motor after 8 hours, and an axial stock trans output shaft. It was the only stock part in the drivetrain. So, we swapped in a full boom racing steel trans. Anyways, I love boom racing parts, and the passion that this company has to support the scale hobby. That is why I am a Boom Team Driver.  

Rigs: Class 2 Mattzilla Yota Truggy; Axial Yeti; Jeep CJ; JK; Exo Caged Volkswagen Beetle.

Trevor Rushford

( #Vermont_Scale_RC )

I have been into Radio Controlled vehicles for 35+ years. I have smashed, bashed, raced, and scaled my way throughout the East Coast. I fell in love with scale rc's a few years ago, as I used to scale rc with my old Tamiya's before scale was the thing to do, and really before it was redefined into what it has become today. I am community-minded when it comes to our hobby, and enjoy spending time on the trails with family and friends. I also like getting away, breaking new trails, and making scale video's on my own. I also enjoy building custom parts and pieces, and learning something new every time.

Rigs: Mattzilla Caddy 1.9; CBE RC FAB  Switchback JK 1.9; Axial Bomber; Axial Yeti; Axial Wraith; Axial SCX10 Caddy hardbody; Vaterra Ascender; Custom Rugged Wheelers Rock Bouncer; Custom SWB Ascender; Custom 6X6; Custom Mega Truck

Ryan Tousley

( #ryantousley )

I love this hobby, I have 9 years of RC crawler experience. My first crawler was the Axial Scorpion I preordered in 2007. I fixed it up and started competing with it in 2008 and have been at it ever since. I attended the first RC Nationals in Moab, UT in 2008, and made it into the RC Crawler magazine that was covering the event. I've also attended Rocas Rojo 2009, 2010, and 2011 in Denver CO. 2014 Recon G6 Buena Vista, CO is when it really got under my skin and I fell in love with a different side of the RC life, "Doing Work".  2015 was probably my best year to date. I was able to compete in 5 Recon G6's including The Fix and Birthday Bash. I was the only driver to receive 1.9 Driver of the day twice in the same year; one at the Moab G6 and one at the Birthday Bash in Reno, NV. At home in Grand Jct. CO I host local events once a month, either a scale comp or scale adventure. I have 7 Recon G6 events scheduled for this year including Axial Fest, The Fix, and Birthday Bash. I am looking forward to getting my Recon G6 certified OC 1.9 wraith conversion kits off the ground. I am married with 2 boys, and of course everyone in the family has a crawler and they also attend local as well as travel to events to compete and love it.

Rigs: 1.9 Wraith; 1.9 Toyota Wraith; 1.9 class 2 Nukzier Wraith; 2.2 EXO Wraith; 1.9 SCX10 red dodge BoomRacing Edition; 1.9 TCS Chassis Chevy; 2.2 Custom Wreckluse Jeep; 2.2 SCX10 JK Jeep; 2.2 XR10 pro comp

Adam Johnson

( #BullRopeRC )

I love the scale rc world, so many different types of things you can do from mild to wild. I have been into RC cars most of my life but more serious for the last 13. I owe Bull Rope Rc which is the leader in scale recovery gear and also RECON G6 certified. I travel around the eastern side of the US, running scale and G6 style events. I also am stepping up my U4 racing with 2 Axial Yeti and an Axial Bomber. When I’m not competing, I like to wheel in my full size Jeep and come up with crazy build ideas.

Rigs: 5 Axial SCX10 based rigs; 2 Yeti; 2 RR10 Bombers; 1 Wraith; 2 EXO Terra Buggies; 1 custom Rock Bouncer in the works; Tamiya High Lift; HPI Baja 5b; some drift cars; 6x6 Build.

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