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Meet Ben Harmon - Boom Racing's Newest Driver


Ben Harmon recently teamed up with Boom Racing and made immediate impact on the U4 scene, with consistant podium finishes at the top level. Ben wants to say "Hello" to everyone.

Ben lives in Grass Valley, California. He is a certified Honda motorcycle and small engine specialist and works at a local motorcycle shop. Ben is a handyman and great with his tools. He's been racing U4 competitively for the past two years and has been doing very well, getting on the podium consistently with wins against the top names in the industry.

"I've been into RC since a very young age", says Ben. Almost every RC car that he's bought were in a kit form. He naturally loves to build and disassemble things. "From building all of the rigs at a young age I quickly learned how to build and fix things". He is able to get his rigs race-ready, making sure everything is built the right way, up to his standards and nothing comes apart when he hits the raceway. Building and upgrading made him understand his rigs much better. Right now, the sky's the limit for Ben as he is only twenty six years old. 

Ben used to race go karts and was a 2-time West Coast Champion and has done a few MX races. He really likes the competitiveness involved in racing so he wanted to race in the 1:1 Ultra 4. "It’s not exactly cheap to get into 1:1 U4 King of the Hammers style rigs, so the next best thing is a 1:10 scale rig", says Ben. He joined U4RC, which is much more affordable and almost as much fun. Now he races once every three weeks at his local track Auburn Performance Raceway and is planning to race at a new track that is opening nearby his house.

Ben is currently ranked 2nd overall on the leaderboard for the 2.2 class and for the Yeti class he is in 3rd position.

Ben got his dad, Ken Harmon, into the U4 Rock Racing scene as well. They spend their weekends at the track racing against each other and other top competitor. This is a great example that RC can be a great hobby and activity for the family. Ben is also into crawling. At the weekends Ben goes crawling with a local crawler group and friends in the great outdoors. "Oh, and one more thing! I enjoy being a badass!" says Ben.




Looking good in first place!!


Ken Harmon takes 3rd in 1.9 Trail



Follow Ben on Instagram @2fast_rc

Author:Ricky Man

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