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ProBuild™ 1.9" Brass Center Ring w/ Lead Weight Set (2)


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Part #: BRW780935

Weight: 430 Gram


Price: USD $36.00

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This is a set of ProBuild™ 1.9" Brass Center Ring with Lead Weights, which makes it easy and accurately adjust and distribute the weight on beadlock wheels.

A standard ProBuild wheel weighs about 73 grams (2.57oz). Adding this full Brass Center Ring can double, triple, and quadruple the total weight - up to 272 grams (9.6oz) per wheel.

The original weighted ring was made when even experienced RC builders found it impossible to adjust their beadlock wheel weights precisely and wanted a robust system to do so. With the Brass Center Ring system it allows you to do just that - adjust the weight of your beadlock wheels precisely.

Adding weight on the wheel is an advantage in many situations for R/C crawlers. It forces the tire onto the ground and grabs the earth with the weight pushing against it. There is a significant performance improvement by lowering CG (center of gravity) once this system is installed in your tires. The leads are secured with sidewalls and lead slots, optional rubber bands are also included.

The billet machined Brass Center Ring weighs 69 grams (2.43oz) each, and includes a set of Lead Weights that are 6.5 grams each, with a total of 20 pieces per wheel (40 pieces total). The Lead Weights have the Boom Racing logo molded in the center.

Each Brass Center Ring includes a set of Lead Weights (6.5 grams each, 20 pieces each wheel) with the Boom Racing logo molded in the center.

  • Weight:
    • Ring: 69 gram each
    • Lead Weight: 6.5 gram each
    • Total Weight Range: 69g to 199g (2.43oz to 7.02oz).
  • Size:
    • Ring: 59.6mm x 21.5mm (HxW)
    • Lead Weight: 17.6x8.2x4.6mm (LxWxH)

  • ProBuild™ 1.9" Wheels
  • KRAIT™ 1.9" Wheels

  • 2x Brass Center Ring BRW780935B
  • 40x Lead Weight BRW780935A
  • 2x Rubber Band

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