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20% Off All Boom Racing Products Sale This Christmas!


In anticipation for the Christmas season, AsiaTees will provide a 20% discount code for all Boom Racing products!

Boom Racing products are some of our most popular items in store. Their items are made from high quality materials and they have a large variety of parts for a huge range of name brands. Some of our most popular products, like the Boomerang and the Boom Racing Combo Sets for specific models, will all be eligible for the 20% discount code. Let's check out what's up for grabs!

1. Shocks

Boom Racing shocks are incredibly popular right now, as they are made with durability and cost efficiency in mind. There are two variations of Boom Racings shocks right now: the Aluminum Double Suspension Adjustable Piggyback Shocks or the Boomerang. The Aluminum double suspension adjustable piggyback shocks have a large variation of sizes, ranging from 90mm to 120mm, increasing by increments of 5mm. These double suspension piggyback shocks allow a huge range of autonomy in optimization.

The Boomerang is Boom Racing's newest shock, and it's a definite game changer. The aluminum casing protects the springs from damages and the droop design allows a lower center of gravity for the vehicle, resulting in more crisp and precise handling and it improves overall balance. The boomerang comes in 90mm, 100mm, and 110mm, and they also provide 3 variations of springs, from 0.5mm diameter, 0.6mm diameter, and 0.7mm diameter.

2. Combo Sets

Boom Racing loves putting together combo sets for users, as it allows them to have a very color-coordinated and durable vehicle by the end of installation. Boom Racing has upgrade combo sets for a large range of vehicles, such as the Axial Wraith and SCX10, Team Associated's RC10B5, HPI's Firestorm 10T and E-Firestorm 10T/Flux, 3Racing's Sakura D3 CS Sport, Tamiya's XV-01 and TA-06, ECX Torment, Team Losi's Night Crawler, and Gmade's R1. All of these combo sets are made from aluminum and will directly increase the performance and durability of your vehicles.

3. Scale Accessories

Scale Accessories might not be everyone's cup of tea, but they certainly should! Scale accessories adds a whole new level of scale realism to your projects. Scale accessories can be used for the crowds that enjoy their RC cars as displays (or shelf queens), or they can be placed onto folks that enjoy a bit more realism on their cars (like crawlers). Whatever the function, scale accessories are cute, they add a bling factor to your RC car, and they look amazing! Check them out. We have everything ranging from guitars to coffee mugs, even miniature RC cars for your RC cars!

4. Ball Bearings

Ball bearings are incredibly important items to have in your RC tool box. We have multiple ball bearings for a variety of different RC models, ensuring that they fit specifically for your car's model. The ball bearings either come ceramic-made or steel-made. Utilizing our list of ball bearings, you can find the best fit for your RC model!

5. Wheels and Tires

The wheels and tires from Boom Racing are also quite popular. We have a lot of different pairs and full sets of wheels and tires. The majority of our wheels and tires are for 1/8 and 1/10 models, so if you have RC cars of that scale (which most of us should), then check out the different tread patterns and rims we have.

Boom Racing has a large variety of items on sale, so don't think this is where the fun ends! Check out all of the parts and pieces for over 19 individual models below:

Axial SCX10
Axial Wraith
ECX Torment
ECX Ruckus
ECX Circuit
ECX Boost
Gmade R1
HPI Baja 5B RTR/5B SS/5T
HPI Fire Storm / Blitz
Sakura D3 CS
Tamiya TA06
Tamiya XV01
Team Associated RC10B5
Team Losi Mini Rock Crawler
Team Losi Night Crawler
Team Losi 5IVE - T
Team Losi 8IGHT 3.0
Traxxas LaTrax Teton
Yokomo BD7

See the instruction details below:

1) Get your exclusive discount for any Boom Racing upgrade parts.
2) Enter the code: BR020 to get 20% price discount.
3) This promotion will last till 18th, December 2014 11:59 pm US Pacific Time.
4) This promotion apply to all Boom Racing upgrade parts ONLY.
5) If you have any difficulties, please kindly send your inquires to
6) AsiaTees reserves the right to the final decision.

You can also check out our Boom Racing page for all parts and pieces by clicking the Shop Now button below!

Author:Tim Cheung

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