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Aluminum Upgrades For Team Associated's RC10B5 By Boom Racing


Attention all Team Associated B5 drivers! Boom Racing's aluminum upgrades for the RC10B5 are off the HOOK!

The awesome 1/10 2WD B5 buggy is based off the original RC10 from 1984, but with this B5 model, you just know it's one of those cars where you can go beast-mode on. The RC10 series from Team Associated has won ELEVEN I.F.M.A.R. World Championships since the inception of the racing class in 1985. The B5 specifically was made to be an improvement from the previous B4 model. While trying to make improvements to an already amazing car is difficult, the designers from Area 51 took the B5 to the next level. With a newly designed narrow tub chassis that provides balance and improved handling/performance on the track, it's hard to find better pieces. However, perfection cannot be achieve without altering your plan of attack and changing the parts and pieces to your arsenal. Because of this, you'll need the most durable and most hardy pieces available if you want to perform at your full capacity. That is where Boom Racing comes in. With 10 different aluminum upgrades to offer the vehicle, most of which are available in at least 4 colors, it's going to be hard for your racing opponents to keep up with your blinged out vehicle. Here is a list of available upgrades for the B5, from Boom Racing:

-Aluminum Front Knuckles
-Aluminum Rear Knuckles
-Aluminum Front C-Hub
-Aluminum Front Upper Plate
-Aluminum Front Shock Tower
-Aluminum Rear Shock Tower
-Aluminum Body Post
-Aluminum Upper Deck
-Aluminum Front Arm
-Aluminum Rear Arm

The majority of the pieces are available in blue, black, green, gun metal, orange, and silver. Check out the rest of the upgrades for the RC10B5 here.

Author:Christopher Chu

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