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Boom Racing 1.55 Chrome Smoothie Classic Wheel Cap


Boom Racing releases a set of classic smoothie wheel cap for their 1.55 beadlock wheels.

This is a pair of 1.55" wheel covers for the Boom Racing 1.55" beadlock wheels.

They work with these wheels:

  • BRW780907F 1.55 Yota LC Classic Front Beadlock Wheels
  • BRW780907R 1.55 Yota LC Classic Rear Beadlock Wheels
  • BRW780908F 1.55 Yota LC70 Stock Steelie Beadlock Wheels Front
  • BRW780908R 1.55 Yota LC70 Stock Steelie Beadlock Wheels Rear

Note that this is just the cover, you will need the beadlock wheel.

2x Chrome Smoothie Wheel Cover
1x Tool for Installation





Author:Jason Tsang

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