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Boom Racing 1.9 Dual Stage Soft/Hard Foams For 4.75/4.45 Crawler Tires


Boom Racing releases all-new soft outer / hard inner dual stage foam inserts for 1.9x 4.75 and 4.45 crawler tires.

Both 4.75" and 4.45" inserts come in soft outer cell foam insert and hard inner closed foam insert.

Soft outer foam provides traction for the tire to sink into the surface for more grip.

A firmer inner closed cell improves sidehill performance and maintains a better sidewall structure.


  • Outer Open Cell Foam: Soft
  • Inner Closed Cell Foam: Hard



  • Open foam: 118.5mm x 46.5mm
  • Closed foam: 85.5mm x 36.5mm


  • Open foam: 111.0mm x 46.5mm
  • Close foam: 75mm x 32mm


Author:Jason Tsang

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