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Boom Racing 1.9 Terra Classic 8-Hole Beadlock Wheels


Boom Racing just released a 1.9 deep dish version of their Terra Classic 8-Hole beadlock wheels with removable XT6 hubs.

Based on the popular 1.55" Terra Classic beadlock wheel that scale fans around the world love, we're releasing a 1.9" deep dish version with some new improvement features.

The Terra Classic 8-Hole is a scaled down version of the popular 1:1 offroad 8-Hole beadlock wheels.


  • Improved bead design to protect against bead damage from wheel impact and high speed rotation
  • Uses Boom Racing XT6 Series aluminum removable hubs for multiple offset options
  • Billet aluminum for durability and strength



  • Size: 1.9"
  • Width: 28.05mm
  • Offset: 6.7mm (without XT601 hub)
  • Offset: 7.7mm (without hex)
  • Hex: Standard 12mm


  • 2x Terra 1.9" Classic Aluminum Beadlock Wheel
  • 2x Terra Wheel Cap #BRX780917/CAP
  • 2x XT601 Wheel Hub #BRXT601 (1mm offset)
  • 28x M2.5x8 Screw
  • 2x D8x1 O-Ring

Optional XT6 Wheel Hubs:










Author:Jason Tsang

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