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Boom Racing Adjustable Digital Multifunctional Power Switch


Founded in 2012, Boom Racing is a RC brand that aims to become your RC hop-up specialist and makes products that are designed with your RC needs in mind. It recently released an adjustable digital multifunctional power switch. Read on to find out more.

This adjustable power switch was designed specifically for RC models. Low voltage protection is a common requirement for many batteries. This Boom Racing power switch can automatically measure the voltage of the battery and protect it when the battery is in low-voltage status. It provides three predetermined low voltage protection modes and you can preset the system. When it reaches the predetermined voltage, the power switch system will protect your battery from out of control or over discharged, which effectively solves the receiver signal deficiency problem. The red light will flash to alert the low voltage, the receiver will then have 0.1~0.2 seconds pause each two seconds to remind the user that the battery has reached a preset voltage. With a chip inside the switch, your preference will be memorized by the machine, so you don't need to reset every time power failure occurs. Featuring with high temperature resistant silicone cord and full metal cover, this part is just perfectly suitable for any harsh environments.

Recommended Setting (depends on the performance of the battery and users' preference):
a). For 7.4V Li-Po battery, the protection range of low voltage is 5.8V~6.2V
b). For 6.6V Li-Fe battery, the protection range of low voltage is 4.6V~5.2V
c). For 6V Ni-Mh battery, the protection range of low voltage is 4.4V~5V

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Author:Sharon Lan

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