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Boom Racing Bevel Helical Gear For ALL Axial Cars


Boom Racing has just introduced a new heavy duty bevel helical gear set for ALL 1/10 scale Axial cars.

This new bevel helical gear set has a 13T bevel gear and a 38T gear. It is 36 grams in weight and black in color. Made out of machined hardened steel for improved durability and toughness, the gear set features a high ability to endure additional weight in your car. It also has a high precise tooth shaping to improve quick identification and reduce vibration when in high-speed operation. No matter your Axial vehicle is SCX10, Wraith, EXO, Ridgecrest or Yeti, Scorpion, etc., this gear set is a perfect fit to all of them!

Currently there is the only one gear ratio of 38T/13T from Boom Racing, but two new ratios, 36T/14T and 43T/13T will be coming out soon. So stay tuned with us! If you want to know more information about this gear set, click Shop Now button below!

Author:Katrina Gao

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