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Boom Racing Convertible Aluminum Front Or Rear Axle Review


I had ideas for my custom-built COD (Crawl of Duty) project. A project where I am using an Axial SCX10 chassis, modify it and make a Proline 3452-00 Yeti body fit on it. I found myself in need of some outrageous axles.

ATees was my best friend here as they sell the CNC-machined Boom Racing BR233024 axles. A full aluminum axle that weighs a stunning 287 grams or 10.13 ounces, lowering your COG (Center-of-gravity) by quite a bit! It comes with some details highlighted (diff cover, steering link rod ends, etc) in a certain color. The axles are available in red, blue and black. It was my luck that with red as a theme color for the build, the red also was the most affordable.

First thing you will notice is the finish. They are almost too beautifull to use. Putting them in a display and just looking at them all day doesn't seem like such a bad idea. Am I really going to scratch these on the rocks?

Hell yeah!

The axles come pre-assembled as a steering axle including a servo plate and steering link. They are a


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