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Boom Racing D90/D110 Chassis High Clearance Skid Plate Conversion Kit


Boom Racing releases a High Clearance Skid Plate Conversion Kit to increase significant ground clearance for the Defender D90/D110 chassis.

This CNC aluminum skid plate gives you a significant increase in ground clearance for your D90/D110.

It raises the skid plate up by 8mm. The stock battery plate will be raised by 4mm with included spacers to clear the higher transfer case position. If space is limited or you do not wish to raise the battery plate, we recommend to DIY and drill two holes on the battery plate to clear transfer case.

Everything you need to get higher clearance is included in this High Clearance Skid Plate Conversion Kit.

The High Clearance Skid Plate hides the rod ends for smooth sliding and prevents the rod ends from breaking.

You will also receive an upgrade of four BADASS Stainless Steel pivot balls (5.8x3x7.4mm/standard Traxxas ball end sized) to fit the skid plate for your links. Stainless steel pivot balls so you don't need to deal with rust.

If you have the Galende II chassis, you will need to replace the straight output shaft to a 45mm driveshaft (available here) from the transmission to the transfer case. The transfer case is lifted up so you will not be able to use a straight shaft. If you have the Boom Racing D90, you do not need this as the rig already comes with a 45mm driveshaft. (45mm Voodoo Shaft #BRQ90279A is available separately)

This conversion set is made for the D90 chassis. It works with Boom Racing D90 or G2 transfer case. If you have the D110, this conversion kit will not work as you need additional parts to make it work.

Boom Racing D90
Boom Racing D110
G2 D90

1X Aluminum High Clearance Skid Plate
2X M3 8mm Flat Head Screws (to attach transfer case to skid plate)
2X M3 12mm Flat Head Screws (for the raised battery plate with spacer)
4X M3 Button Head Screws (for attaching skid plate to chassis)
4X Badass Stainless Steel pivot balls (5.8x3x7.4mm) (for the rodends)
2X M3 4mm Spacer (for raising battery plate)
8X M3 1mm Spacer (for extending links)

Part #BR302011








Author:Jason Tsang

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