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Boom Racing Defender D90 D110 Chassis Minus Shocks Wheels Tires


Boom Racing recently released three new Defender fully upgraded metal chassis.

The kits allow you to choose your own shocks, tires and wheels.

Three new versions are:

D110 chassis for the RC4WD D110 body

D90 chassis for RC4WD or Boom Racing body

D110 chassis for the Team Raffee Co. D110 pickup truck or station wagon body

The rails, body mounts and front & rear bumpers are different on the two different D110 chassis.

For the D90, if you would like to use the Team Raffee D90 pickup truck or wagon body, an optional chassis rail and front & rear bumper is needed.

The shipping box is minified, weighing approximately 2.5kg only, which in turn saves you money on shipping.

Keep in mind that these chassis rails are not exclusively made for the Defender body.






Author:Rob C.

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