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Boom Racing Double Suspension Adjustable Piggyback Shock


Largely recognized as the best-selling aluminum double suspension adjustable piggyback shocks for the past 12 months, Boom Racing has a full series of race ready shocks from 95mm to 120mm for you to choose from.

The original purpose for reservoir shocks is to hold some extra oil, keeping the temperature of the oil low. Under racing environment, this gesture helps the shocks last longer. But will they work the same when the scale is comparatively larger when it comes to RC models? If your car can meet that kind of heat, usually most of the cars won't, of course they will be very helpful. Even if your car never run fast, add a super bling factor to your model isn't a bad thing too.

The whole shock including the piggyback cap, piggyback body, shock body and shock bump stop are all made of hard anodized aluminum. The heavy duty shock body helps keeping piston from being off centered. The shock shaft uses high speed steel with titanium nitrite coating, helping to maintain smooth damping motion and slows down wear and tear. Silicon oil ring has been used to prevent oil leakage. Six pairs of springs are provided for extra adjustments capabilities, with nine different damper rate adjustments. Available in 90mm, 95mm, 100mm, 105mm, 110mm, 115mm and 120mm, these shocks also features double spring setup for extra progressive damping effect. Double spring setup also gives you a much larger adjustability for different spring rates.

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Author:Sharon Lan

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