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Boom Racing Evo Beadlocks - 1.9/2.2 Size Does Matter


Boom Racing's new Evo Beadlocks are some of the best beadlocks you'll find on the market for your crawler. Check them out and unlock that crawler performance you've always wanted!

Boom Racing's Evo Beadlocks are some of the strongest and toughest beadlocks around. These heavy duty beadlocks are perfect if you want to add some scale looks, weight, or durability to your rig. The extra weight will keep all of your tires in contact with the ground, and the material it's made from will ensure they don't crack or break during difficult obstacles. The beadlocks come in 1.9" or 2.2" variations, which will work with some of your favorite crawlers, such as the SCX10, Wraith, TF2, and more! With a wide variety of colors and designs, the Evo Beadlocks are something on everyone's to-buy list!

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Author:Christopher Chu

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