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Boom Racing Jeep Wrangler Body Upgraded Look


Boom Racing now has a series of Jeep Wrangler bodies for the 1/10th scales crawlers available at Asiatees. Let's see how the Rubicon body looks with its light on.

This series of body shells are made of ABS plastic, and all are pre-assembled and pre-painted. As we said before, these body shells are definitely one of the most detailed off the shelf bodies that you could ever find for crawlers. Driver/passenger door can fully open. Side and back mirrors, window wipers and textured car seats are all included as well. What's more is that lighting is included, for both front and rear lights. The LED lights have wiring attached, but you'll have to do a bit of soldering to connect them to the necessary plugs since they're not included.

The Jeep Wrangler body comes in two versions and each version comes in yellow and red color. The one with the enclosed cage will not have the LED lights included. If you've been worrying about that there are not holes to mount your body in so you'll have to do a bit of DIY to fit it to your crawler and what happens if it doesn't fit? Well, RC Fans now has posted out a perfect example for you.

Click here and order it now at LESS THAN $60 dollars.


Author:Sharon Lan

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