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Boom Racing Kronik Axle Tubes For SCX10/Wraith/Yeti


Have you seen these new axle tubes from Boom Racing for the SCX10, Yeti, and Wraith? Dubbed the Kronik Axle Tubes, they'll add some weight game to your crawler!

If you currently have a SCX10 or a Yeti/Wraith, prepare yourselves for the best axle tubes around. The Kronik Axle Tubes weight about 40+ grams and will add a ton of weight to your crawler rigs to make them stick to the ground better. The more tires you have in contact with the ground, the easier your life will be, and that's what these tubes will do. At the moment, the Kronik Axle Tubes will only fit on the stock Axial axles, so if you're running some stock goodies on your rigs, these will be perfect for you! It also adds a bunch of durability to your axles by providing a much more solid foundation within the axle.

Regardless of your needs, the Kronik Axle Tubes by Boom Racing should be on the top of your wishlist! Click the Shop Now button below!

Author:Christopher Chu

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