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Boom Racing KUDU Allen Hex Wrench Set


Certainly, we need exquisite tools for our hobbies. Introducing the new KUDU™ toolset designed for building all types of R/C cars and for everyday applications.

KUDU™ Allen Hex Wrench Set 1.5/2.0/2.5/3.0mm (4pcs).

Designed to be lightweight, the beautifully crafted KUDU wrench handle provides a firm and comfortable grip to give powerful torques. The aluminum end cap rotates with your hand resting on it for fast and easy torquing.
Our new hex wrenches are designed with a narrow front zone for medium-strength, fast-turning motion, perfect for metal parts.
A lightweight, well-balanced tool is important when you use the front area for twisting; unbalanced tools that are heavier on the handle side can result in overworked hands and arms.
The tips are magnetized to help pick up the difficult-to-handle screws.
Tool identifiers are on the end caps as well as on the tool handles for simple and quick recognition.
+ Durable heavy-duty high-quality hardened tool steel tip
+ Extremely lightweight to reduce fatigue in the hand
+ Identifiable marks on each of the handles and on the tool cap for quick recognition
+ Narrow front zone for medium-strength, fast-turning motion
+ Well-balanced from tip to handle to reduce hand fatigue
+ Will not roll on a flat surface
+ Magnetized tip
+ Tip: 85mm
+ Handle: 103mm
+ Total: 188mm
+ Handle: 22g
+ Tip: 4-7g
+ Total: 26-29g





Author:Joel Berones

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