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Boom Racing Low Profile Servo Horn


Its 2017 and we need one of the things that calls for an update is the servo horn. Boom Racing released a new low profile aluminum servo horn that looks clean and contemporary.

This new short low profile servo horn has an updated modern look to it and is machined out of one piece of aluminum. At the moment it is only available in 25T other T’s will be available at a later date. Also it is available in five different colors red, pink, blue, gun metal and black.

The measurements for this servo horn are 30mm long 15mm wide and 5.6mm thick.  There are two holes you can attach your links to and they are 20mm and 16mm. To attach this servo horn to your servo it has three screws holding it on tight one screw tightens it on and the other two clamp it tight.






Author:Ricky M

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