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Boom Racing PHAT Axle & Boomerang Type Gs Pre-Order


Due to the incredible popularity of the Phat Axles and Boomerang Type G's, we're opening up a pre-order to make sure you have a chance at grabbing some sets for yourself!

Boom Racing's PHAT Axles are simple, heavy, and performance enhancing. They have all the right elements to create an incredibly crawler that can overcome any obstacle. The PHAT axles are made from steel, making them much better suited for crawling terrain, as the steel slides over rocks, instead of gripping onto them the way typical aluminum does. With 185 grams coming your way from the axle ALONE, and this is the axle housing mind you, this is an upgrade that is definitely on your wishlist.

Preoorder HERE.

Now for the Boom Racing Boomerang Type Gs. These crazy scale shocks come in 110mm, and 8 different colors. With large amounts of flex, these shocks are equipped with a fully functional reservoir and three different spring rates to choose from. Tested and improved upon until the shocks have virtually no leakage issues, the Type Gs are the Official Shocks of the Recon G6, and are certified in The Fix.

Preorder HERE.

And as a small teaser, it's been made known to us that Boom Racing is releasing a 100mm version of their Type Gs! Excited? WE KNOW WE ARE! Let us know in the comments below if you want to check out the first sneak preview!

Author:Christopher Chu

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