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Boom Racing Plastic Wheel Set For RC 1/10 Car


There are many reasons of changing to a higher offset wheels, with higher offsets, the wheels hex moves closer to the car body which moves the rim outwards of the car body. Boom Racing has newly issued a series of plastic wheel set with high offsets which just suits the purpose!

These BRTR series wheels are designed with +3mm, or +6mm offsets, with 12mm hex so it fits 1/10 RC cars. The material of these wheels is made of strong plastic; they are lighter and stronger than ordinary plastics. The whole BRTR series has 66 types of different color design and spokes design, changing the wheel set can change the look of your car. Do you like your RC wheels to look differently, to be blue, red, silver, pink, orange and green? Do you like your RC wheels to be 6-spokes, 10 spokes or even 14 spokes? Pick your choices and make your car outstanding!

Author:Tim Cheung

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