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Boom Racing Re-Releases 16-Hole Classic 1.9 Steelie Reversible Beadlock Wheel


Boom Racing re-releases their 16-Hole 1.9 steelie beadlock with removable XT5 aluminum hub. This gives you the option to reverse the wheel for deep dish setup.

This is a set of front reversible 1.9" 16-hole steelie beadlock wheels (2). Perfect for 1/10 scale truck builds.

They can be setup three ways:

  • Standard
  • Deed Dish with offset
  • Dually (with Adjustable Dually Adapter BRXT5DU)

The front face is made of pressed steel for accurate scale looks. Aluminum center ring and rear are cast metal.

2x 1.9" Classic 16-Hole Steelie Wheels
2x Aluminum Center Hub Cap (Front)
2x XT504 Aluminum Wheel Hub 4mm Offset
10x M2x10 Socket Cap Screw
2x M4 Nut - Nyloc
1x Wheel Nut Tool

Optional parts:
Scale 4WD Center Locking Hub Cover (2) BRW780921
XT500 0mm Pin Wheel Hub BRXT500
XT504 4mm Wheel Hub BRXT504
XT508 8mm Wheel Hub BRXT508
XT512 12mm Wheel Hub BRXT512

Replacement parts:
Front Center Hubs BRW780909/COVERF
Rear Center Hubs BRW780909/COVERR


























Author:Jason Tsang

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