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Boom Racing Reverse Link Mount For D90/D110 Scale PHAT Axle


Scaleformance is big. Boom Racing releases a new D90 Scale PHAT Axle aluminum link mount set for the upcoming BRX HD Transfer Case for Anti Torque Twist.

To eliminate torque twist, one of the best solutions is to run a counter rotational transfer case. The rear center driveshaft rotates in opposite direction. The force of the driveshafts spinning in opposite directions cancels out each other, creating a balance between the front half of the chassis and the rear half, and thus eliminates most of the visible torque twist.

To run counter rotation transfer case, the rear axle must be swapped up-side-down. This optional link mount set lets you do just that. Turn the axle housing 180 degree up-side-down and install this option part.

The bevel gear in the housing now spins in opposite direction. Paired with the Boom Racing BRX HD T-Case and High Clearance Skid Plate, this upgrade set reduces torque twist to a minimum level for the best scale performance.

This CNC aluminum reversed link mount is made for Boom Racing's D90 Scale PHAT Axle housing on Boom Racing's D90 and D110.







Author:Rob C.

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