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Boom Racing Upgrades For HPI E-Firestrom Flux/ Blitz


HPI E-firestorm Flux already has a decent stock setup, but still a few places need to be upgraded. Boom Racing here have few parts for you.

E-firestorm Flux shares a chassis with the HPI blitz. It's a super durable truck, only some parts might not be strong enough so we need to change them to ones that not fragile at all. Main parts always come first. What upgrades you need to put on your E-firestorm Flux first? Shock towers and suspension arms should be the first a few parts came up on your mind. The original shock towers are a bit too flex, making it harder to control the car on a track. Boom Racing has brought us a series of aluminum upgrades for the E-firestorm Flux and they are famous for inexpensive and also strong enough to support your car. With the aluminum shock towers and suspension arms, your car will be stronger especially if you are bashing it. You also need better C-hubs to allow better angles. With the right C-hubs, it will be easier for you to drive with whatever route you like. Also, one more part that you won't want to miss, which is the front steering blocks, with which you can house more common bearings.

No need to worry about having no part support for your E-firestorm Flux any more. Get it to a track and ready to bash it.

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Author:Sharon Lan

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