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Boom Racing Upgrades For The ECX Torment & Ruckus


What do you get when you install durable aluminum upgrades onto the ECX Torment and Ruckus? An indestructable short-course beast! Check out the parts we used!

Boom Racing's line of upgrades for the ECX Torment and Ruckus are amazing. These incredibly tenacious parts should be included on every ECX Torment and Ruckus rig! We've got plenty of parts that will replace flimsy stock parts in your models. Please note that these parts will fit the ECX Torment and Ruckus, but not their 4WD versions! Also, some of these parts will fit the Circuit and Boost as well, so make sure you check out our descriptions on the parts to make sure! We've updated them to ensure that they're accurate!

Parts Used (Front):

Aluminum Front-rear Skid Plate Aluminum Plate For Front Block
Aluminum Steering Bellcrank Set Aluminum Front Arm Center Mount
Aluminum Front Body Mount Aluminum Castor Mount
Aluminum Steering Block Aluminum Front Suspension Arm Set
Aluminum Front Shock Tower Aluminum Front Skid Plate

Parts Used (Rear):

Aluminum Rear Hub Carrier Aluminum Rear Shock Tower
Aluminum Rear Body Mount Block Aluminum Rear Arm Center Mount
Aluminum Rear Suspension Arm Set Aluminum Rear Body Mount

If you'd like to see what parts and items we have for the ECX line, please click the Shop Now button below to check them out! If you need it, we got it! Also, we have a DISCOUNT CODE for all Boom Racing ECX Combos! Get 10% off all combo parts for ECX models by using this coupon code: ECXCOMBO! This code expires on 1/31/15.

Author:Christopher Chu

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