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Boom Racing Welcomes You To The ASIAN SCALE INVASION RG6HK


Boom Racing Asian Scale Invasion Recon G6 pre-registration deadline is now over. Over 150 drivers pre-registered to participate in the first Recon G6 RC crawling event in Asia!

We are now only a few days away and starting to count down to the event. I hope you are able to find time to prepare yourself this November 12-13 at MX Club in Sheung Shui, Hong Kong; as well as getting your rigs ready to compete and have fun.


Figure 1.  Hong Kong - Asia's World City


This is a very exciting time for us, being the organizer of the first international RC crawling event in Asia. It all started when we attended RECON G6 The Fix hosted by Brian Parker in 2015. We instantly fell in love with that RC lifestyle. Because of the position we are in as a manufacturer of RC Crawling and Rock Racing parts and accessories, we decided to bring that experience back home and introduce it to our friends here. We invited Brian Parker and the Recon G6 to come to Hong Kong and join us to host the event.


Figure 2. Boom Racing manufactures performance parts


If you are one of the scale heads who’ve decided to come to Hong Kong to play with RC toy cars, you’ve made a huge move that you won’t regret! It means a lot to us and we welcome you and cannot wait to meet all of you. So far, we have had great responses from both local and overseas participants to make up this international RC fest. Asian Scale Invasion is packed with many exciting events including U4 Rock Racing, Defender Challenge, X-Rider Motocross and a full day of Recon G6.


Figure 3. Defender Challenge presented by Hong Kong Defender RC Club


Figure 4. U4 Rock Racing presented by Pitbull Tires & Hobbywing


Figure 5. Offroad Motocross presented by X-Rider


Over 30 manufacturers signed up to sponsor the event and some of them will be present; you will have the chance to meet them face-to-face! Get excited because they all chipped in to create one of the largest RC raffle giveaway ever. There are so many giveaway prizes, we ran out of space to store them! As a sneak peek, at least 10 RC kits will be given away in the raffle drawing on Sunday November 13.


Figure 6. Axial Bombers for test play and hire


Another highlight to pay attention to is that there are cars available for hire and test play for those who want to give it a try. Interested drivers can select from a range of cars including Axial SCX10 II, Axial Bomber, Defender D90, Defender D110, MST CMX and X-Rider 1/4 Motorcycle. ATees Hobbies will showcase all of the Axial Racing products at the event as well as provide all of the Boom Racing parts and upgrades for sale.

Besides RC, if you are looking for other activities whilst in Hong Kong, there are lots of fun things to do including Disney Land, The Peak, Ngong Ping 360, Stanley Market and many more. Hong Kong is famous for its vast variety of good food, shopping and scenic views. If you have any questions about your travels, feel free to let us know or ask one of the volunteers during the event.  We hope you have a wonderful time here in Hong Kong and at the Boom Racing Asian Scale Invasion event. Let’s have a great time together playing with toy cars. Safe travels and see you soon!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Ms. Law (5239-2987).

Author:Jason T.

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