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Boom Racing ZigZag Tires For The Win


A few months ago, I came up with the idea of doing a 2.2 crawler tire comparison. Why? Because at all the meetings I attend, people are always convinced that their tire is better than others. So I set out to see what these ZigZag tires could do.

Many people compare a tire on a specific rig and a completely different tire on a totally different rig. That made me think. Now how about if I take one of my own SCX10’s, install the different 2.2’s I own and make them go through a series of comparisons?

So I had 7 different 2.2 tires of my own. 7 well known crawler tires. But wait, how about throwing in an underdog? Everybody loves an underdog right? I decided the Boom Racing Zigzag tires (BR247045) would be a good choice. 

After breaking them in on my Rubicon during a full weekend of some hardcore rocktrailing, I took all 8 different sets of tires and started testing.

Well, you may be in for a surprise! Sure, they could not compete with a few other of the used hardcore Crawler tires. Yet, they did pretty well in several test runs. As a surprise to me, they held their own on all of the trails I ran, and I run a LOT of trails. Now I need to point out to you that these tests are non-scientific. However, they will indicate something. So please, let me point out to you that these tests are strictly for fun, but if they work for me, a guy that does comp crawling and fun crawling a lot, then why not give them a shot?

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