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Boom Racing's Aluminum Upgrades For Sakura D3


The Sakura D3 is a versatile drifter with a true front motor design allowing the motor to be in front of the front differential, bringing it close to weight distribution of a real life drift car. If you haven't got one yet, you should get one, along with the quality hop-ups that Asiatees has available for you.

Sakura D3 owners, have you got enough upgrades for your D3 yet? Pink is so 2013, so why not turn your D3 like the one you see in the picture? These parts are made with aluminum alloy for increased durability. They're made for direct replacement with the stock plastic D3 parts and each part is tested to ensure only the highest quality parts are shipped out to you. There are 7 anodized color for you to choose from, so grab them quick while stocks last! Also, we have prepared a combo discount tailored for Sakura D3 owners. You may buy a particular part and get another one for exclusive discount. Click here to check out each item , and you will like what you see.

Author:Michael Yeung

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