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Boom Racing's Aluminum Upgrades For Sakura D3 Available NOW!


Sakura D3 Fans, you're all in for a treat! Boom Racing is now releasing a set of aluminum upgrades for the D3. Want to know which parts are available? Check it out here.

These parts are made with aluminum alloy for increased durability. They're made for direct replacement with the stock plastic D3 parts and each part is tested to ensure only the highest quality parts are shipped out to you. There are 7 anodized color for you to choose from. Below are the list of upgrade parts for D3:

  • Front Knuckle Arm w/bearings - 1 Pair
  • Front Suspension Arms w/Pins - 1 Pair
  • Rear Suspension Arms w/Pins - 1 Pair
  • Upper & Lower Bumper w/Body Post - 1 Set
  • Steering System w/Bearing - 1 Set
  • Front Shock Tower - 1 Piece
  • Rear Hub w/Bearings - 1 Set
  • Rear Shock Tower w/Body Post - 1 Set
  • C-Hub w/Collars - 1 Set
  • Upper Deck - 1 Piece

Get them hot at Asiatees while stocks last!

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Author:Michael Yeung

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