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Boom Racing's Insane Booth At HEC 2015


We were able to meet our buddies over at Boom Racing at their booth in HEC 2015. Their displays looked great!

We got to check out all of their latest upgrades, and some of their upcoming ones that we've actually touched on, such as the Boomerang Type G shocks. Boom Racing was able to bring out their full array of awesome aluminum upgrades. Some of their most popular ones were the upgrades for their Axial Yeti and their Axial Yeti XL, both of which were armed to the teeth with their durable brand of aluminum. They also had some sweet displays of their 3Racing Sakura D3 CS and the HPI Sprint 2, both of which were almost fully upgraded with aluminum parts. The Vaterra Twin Hamemr and their own D90 was present as well! Last but not least, they also had their Axial SCX10 and their Axial Wraith standing tall in their displays.

Make sure to check out the full gallery above, and if you're looking for some Boom Racing parts in our store, check out this link here. Thanks for making such a cool booth for us to enjoy Boom Racing!

Author:Christopher Chu

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