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Boom Racing's New Boomerang Type I 120mm Shocks


Boom Racing's Boomerang Type I's have been incredibly popular in 90mm/100mm/110mm variants, but is it enough? Their new 120mm variant of the Boomerang Type I Internal Shocks definitely is!

Known for their high durability, great performance, and stunning good looks, the Boomerang Type I Internal Shocks are incredibly versatile and will look great on any scale rig. However, 90mm to 110mm sometimes just isn't enough for some vehicles. That's why Boom Racing released this new 120mm variant of their Boomerang Type I shocks to fit more cars. They come in the full range of colors that the Boomerangs are known for, such as blue, black, green, purple, red, gun metal, and orange! Provided with this set is 3 different spring tensions, shims, screws, and nuts for easy installation.

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Author:Christopher Chu

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