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Boom Racing's Threaded Aluminum Links - Endless Customization


Can't find the right length or color for your links? Time to check out Boom Racing's huge range of threaded aluminum link pip rods, which comes with plenty of hardware to get you started!

Whether you need to replace the links on your rig or reinforce a part of your chassis, these threaded aluminum link pipe rod's serve a wide variety of uses. If you need to install some new custom length links on your rig, like the SCX10, all you need to do is find the correct length of pipe rod, match it up with some Heavy Duty Silibushing Stud Ball Ends, build them up, and install them!

We didn't want to use the stock front brace for our SCX10, but we wanted to try something different, so instead, we placed a threaded aluminum pipe rod in there instead, and it provided the rigidity needed to hold the chassis together!

The possibilities are endless with these. You could even replace certain parts of your Wraith tube cage if you wanted with these! What kinds of uses can you find with this? Let us know in the comments below!

Click the Shop Now button to find the variety of lengths we have! Available in Green, Blue, Black, Gun Metal, and Red!

Author:Chris Chu

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