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Brass Rear Knuckle Base Weights for BRX70 PHAT Axle (2)

Product Model: BRX01

Part #: BRLC7090

Weight: 110 Gram


Price: USD $36.20

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This is a set of rear brass knuckle base weights for the BRX70 PHAT Axles. Made from high-grade brass and anodized in black color with machined edges.

The knuckle weight also acts as a base for more brass weights to be added. There are two sets of additional weights available; including large brass weight blocks (2pcs) and small brass weight blocks (6pcs).

Add non-rotational weight mass onto the axle for better stability and traction control. The lower the weight, the lower the center of gravity (CG). Adding additional weight to the lower portion of the vehicle helps lower CG.

Adding this Knuckle Base Weight will not increase track width offset.


  • Weight: 44g each
  • Fits: BRX70 PHAT Axle (Rear)
  • Will fit:
    • 1.55" wheels and any larger sized wheels

  • 2x Knuckle Base Weight (44g each)
  • 2x Lock Ring
  • 8x M Set Screws
  • 8x M2x14 CSS Screw for optional Brass Weight Blocks
  • 8x M2x10 CSS Screw for optional Brass Weight Blocks
  • 8x M2x8 CSS Screw for optional Brass Weight Blocks
  • 8x M2x5 CSS Screw for optional Brass Weight Blocks

Optional parts:
  • Large Brass Weight Blocks (2pcs) #BRLC7091
  • Small Brass Weight Blocks (6pcs) #BRLC7092

  • This Knuckle Weight set fits BRX90 Axle (Rear) but #BRD9024 is recommended as they are heavier.

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