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BRX01 High Clearance Sliders for Full Leaf Spring Conversion


If you are converting BRX01 into full leaf spring suspension, these optional parts are a must-have. 

1. B3D™ F & R Sliders for High Clearance Center Skid Plate BRLC7095

This pair of B3D™ Sliders are designed for BRX01 using the BRX02 Leaf Spring version high clearance center skid plate.

If your BRX01 is converted into full leaf spring, you can upgrade the center skid plate using the BRX02 Leaf Spring High Clearance Skid Plate BRX020020LF for an additional 6mm in clearance gain.

Once converted, use these two front and rear center sliders to complete the mod. These two nylon sliders will help the truck slide through obstacles much easier for a better driving experience.


  • 6mm performance gain
  • Slides through obstacles with ease
  • Nylon construction for durability and strength
  • Blocks out debris to prevent damage from trail obstacles
  • Clean look

Use with:

  • BRX01 chassis
  • Full Leaf Spring Converted (Front BRLC7201 & Rear BRLC7064)
  • BRX02 High Clearance Skid Plate BRX020020LF


  • B3D™ Front & Rear Center Slider for BRX020020LF Center Skid Plate
  • Hardware


2. High Clearance Skid Plate BRX020020LF gains 6mm high clearance without increasing center of gravity. 

This is a stock high clearance steel center skid plate for the BRX02 Leaf version (BR8005), and will fit the BRX01 converted with front and rear full leaf springs.

For the BRX01, gain an additional 6mm in ground clearance over the stock BRX01 skid plate.

For BRX01 converted with front leaf springs BRLC7201 and rear leaf springs BRLC7064, use this skid plate with skid plate sliders BRLC7095.

For BRX02, use with skid plate sliders BRX020072F and BRX020072R.



Author:Joel Berones

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