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BRX90 Conversion Kit for BRX01 & BRX70/BRX80 PHAT Axle


Product Model: BRX01,Drivetrain & Gears,Phat Axle

Part #: BRLC7078

Weight: 160 Gram


USD $89.00

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This is a Conversion Kit for the BRX70 or BRX80 axles to BRX90 axles.

The BRX70 axles come with the BRX01 chassis, if you want the option to run a wider axle than the BRX70 widths, this Conversion Kit widens the front axle by 27.5mm (front) and 30mm (rear).

The Conversion Kit includes a pair of wider C-Hubs and Lockouts, and longer Front Universal Driveshafts and Rear Drive Shafts. Also included is a longer Stainless Steel Tie Rod Steering Link.

Please download the Installation Manual for detailed instructions.

CNC machining upgrades are manufactured from billet materials.

All hardware is included.

Width Comparison:

  • Before: BRX70 Front Axle 148.5mm / 5.846" pin-to-pin
  • Before: BRX70 Rear Axle 146mm / 5.748" pin-to-pin
  • Before: BRX80 162mm / 6.378" pin-to-pin (front and rear)
  • After Conversion: BRX90 176mm / 6.93" pin-to-pin (front and rear)

  • 2x Aluminum C-Hub #BRD9011
  • 2x Aluminum Lock Out #BRD9012
  • 2x BADASS HD Universal Drive Shaft for BRX90 Axle #BRBD9001
  • 2x BADASS HD Rear Shaft for BRX90 Axle #BRBD9002
  • 1x Steering Link #BRD9022A
  • 2x D5x9x3 Bearing #BBZMR952RS
  • 2x D5x11x4 Bearing BBZMR115RS
  • 2x D4x10x4 Bearing #BBZMR1052RS
  • 2x Straight Rod End #BRW750303
  • 2x Stainless Steel Pivot Ball #BRW750300
  • 4x M3x16 RS Screw #BRASBH3016
  • 2x M3x12 RS Screw #BRASBH3012
  • 4x M3x14 RS Screw #BRASBH3014
  • 2x M4x16 SS Screw #BRASSPD427/N
  • 2x D4x7x2 Spacer #BRASSPD427/N
  • 2x O-Ring #BRSORD6-15

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