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Carisma Coyote SCA-1E Hopped Up With Boom Racing Upgrades


If you are thinking of upgrading your Carisma Coyote SCA-1E rig, here are the Boom Racing performance parts that will fit this crawler.

The Carisma Scale Adventure SCA-1E platfom is straight forward and has lots of hop-up potentials. Some of the mounting points are similar to a stock Axial Honcho which makes some of the parts compatible. This is great for the consumer as there are lots of upgrades available for hop-up already out on the market.

Here are the list of parts we upgraded:

Front steering links
Rock rails
Front shock tower and rear shock towers
Boomerang Type I shocks
Front bumper and front bumper mount
Rear bumper and rear bumper mount

The stock SCA1E comes with steel driveshafts and aluminum links, so we will leave them on for now, beat up the truck and see how they hold up. The beadlock wheels are so unique and looks great on the truck, so we are keeping them on the truck also.










Author:Rob C.

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