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Complete Assembled Aluminum AR60 Front Axle Yeti Wraith Bomber Score Red


Product Model: Wraith

Part #: BR247039R

Weight: 420 Gram

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Price: USD $99.90
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Complete set of AR60 aluminum front axle housing. Stock sizes for all the parts included.

Comes with one-piece locked diff with spool. For open diffs, you may remove this and replace with the open diff unit.


  • 1x Billet aluminum AR60 axle housing
  • 2x Billet aluminum AR60 c-hub & knuckle
  • 1x Billet aluminum AR60 diff cover
  • 1x Billet aluminum AR60 axle truss
  • 2x Billet aluminum AR60 link mount
  • 1x Billet aluminum AR60 tie rod steering link
  • 2x Billet aluminum AR60 bearing holder
  • 2x Billet aluminum 12mm hex adapter
  • 1x Billet aluminum AR60 servo mount
  • 2x Steel drag link with aluminum rod end
  • 1x One piece cast steel spool with gear (38/13T)
  • 2x Steel AR60 axle universal shaft
  • Full ball bearings
  • Hardware

Hole to hole: 240mm
Total width: 270mm

BADASS HD Steel Spool #BRBD233040
38/13T HD Steel Gear BR648025
BADASS HD Steel Universal Drive Shaft

Spare Parts:
Aluminum axle housing #BR247057

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