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Complete Front Assembled AR44 PHAT™ Axle w/ BADASS Universal Shafts [RECON G6 The Fix Certified]

Product Model: SCX10 II

Part #: BR955022

Weight: 420 Gram


Price: USD $135.76

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Want the ultimate scale performance axles? Look no further than Boom Racing's Front AR44 PHAT Axle. This special edition axle is factory installed by Boom Racing.

Be warned. This PHAT axle is heavy. The most desirable thing for an axle is the weight and how it helps increase overall performance for a crawler.

The AR44 PHAT axles are also smooth and durable. The gears are heavy duty hardened steel (30/8T) with keyed spool for durability and strength. The BADASS universal driveshafts are made of high strength alloy steel for durability.

This AR44 PHAT Axle comes with a stainless steel skid plate to protect the axle housing and helps to slide over rocks.


  • Total Length: 215mm (8.46")
  • Hole to Hole: 183mm (7.2")
  • Weight: 333grams
  • Input pinion shaft: 5mm


  • AR44 PHAT Axle Housing
  • AR44 PHAT Diff Cover With Stainless Steel ARMOUR Skid Plate
  • High pinion axle setup for better clearance
  • Heavy Duty Keyed Helical Bevel Gear and Input Shaft
  • Heavy Duty Keyed Spool
  • BADASS Heavy Duty Hard Steel Universal Shafts
  • High Steer Aluminum Knuckles & C-Hubs - Over 45 Degree
  • Special anodize finish on Knuckles and C-Hubs
  • Special anodize finishing on aluminum Lower Link Mounts
  • Aluminum 12mm wheel hex
  • High Steer Stainless Steel Steering Tie Rod & Drag Links M4 Threads
  • Stainless Steel Pivot Ball
  • High Quality Angled M4 Nylon Ballends
  • Full Ball Bearings
  • Shims
  • Hardware

This product comes with Boom Racing's industry leading warranty service.

Note: Before you run the axles, here are a few tips:

1. Make sure there is plenty of grease in the diff (enough to cover the gears)
2. Shim the axles (if need be) with the included shims. Spin them to make sure the drivetrain is smooth
3. Fasten all screws securely.

The drag link will fit Axle Mounted Servo conversion. Use the original stock drag link if you run SCX10 II chassis mounted servo setup.

Replacement parts:
  • AR44 PHAT™ Axle Housing W/ ARMOUR™ Skid Plate #BR955015
  • BADASS Ultra Hard Steel Axle Universal Driveshaft (2pcs) #BRBD955001
  • PHAT™ Axle Diff Cover W/ ARMOUR™ Skid Plate
  • AR44 Wide Angle Steering Knuckle & C-Hub Carrier Set
  • Aluminum AR44 Link Mounts for SCX10 II (2) Black
  • Heavy Duty Keyed Bevel Helical Gear 30/8T + Differential Locker Spool Set For AR44 Axle
  • Stainless Steel Wide Angle Steering Link Set for Axle Mounted Servo
  • Brass Bushings for AR44 & BRX70 Axle knuckle

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