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Complete D110 BRX Anti Torque Twist Conversion Kit

Product Model: D90/D110 Chassis

Part #: BRQ763073

Weight: 245 Gram


Price: USD $99.90

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Imagine life without torque twist.  Is that a fantasy? Not anymore! Boom Racing releases a complete kit to eliminate torque twist in the D110 chassis kit.

This Anti Torque Twist Conversion Kit has a few advantages over stock setup. It helps increase performance and better driving realism by eliminating torque twist. The truck is much more predictable especially in side-hill climbs with no torque twist so you can tackle more difficult side-hill slopes.

The included adjustable gearbox mount raises the gearbox a little bit higher for more clearance of the upper link and the driveshaft. At the same time it allows you to lower the motor position so that the center of gravity is still in about the same position as the stock position.

Another feature of this system is the high clearance skid plate. It raises up the skid plate and creates more ground clearance so you don’t get hung up on rocks as easily.

The BRX Anti Torque Twist system reduces twisting of the vehicle when it accelerate. This is because as the two drive shafts rotate in opposite directions, the torques counteract each other. In normal RC crawler drivetrain systems both drive shafts rotate in the same direction making the vehicle twist in one direction. Thus creating a more scale looking vehicle movement.

The Selective Rotational Drive™ (SRD) system enables the drivetrain to run counter rotation system OR normal direct drive rotation.


  • Input Gear: 20T
  • Output Gear: 29T (Normal & Reversed)
  • Gear Ratio: 1 : 1.45

  • 1x High Clearance Alum. Motor Mount  #BR302010BK
  • 1x Voodoo Steel HD Drive Shaft 145-158mm #BRQ90279H
  • 1x Voodoo Steel HD Drive Shaft 49mm
  • 1x High Clearance Skid Plate #BR302011
  • 1x BRX Anti Torque Twist Transfer Case #BRQ763069
  • 1x  Counter Rotation Alum. Link Mounts with Rear Alum. Truss #BRQ763068
  • 6x M3x3mm Spacers
  • 4x  M3 Long Straight Nylon Rod Ends

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