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Complete Rear Assembled BRX90 PHAT Axle Set w/ AR44 HD Gears


Product Model: D90/D110 Chassis

Part #: BRD9023

Weight: 300 Gram

Availability: Out Of Stock

Price: USD $99.50

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The PHAT axle is the go-to scale truck axle combining high performance features with precision made scale realism. Based on the BRX70 PHAT Axle, the all-new BRX90 PHAT Axle is packed with lots of exciting solid axle features. It is an ultra scale, heavy-duty axle set designed for top performance in custom R/C builds.

What stands out immediately when you pick up a set of BRX90 axle is the weight. The axle weighs 220g. The heavy weight helps to keep the vehicle planted to the ground at all times.


  • PHAT axle 220grams total weight
  • Keyed HD AR44 Helical Bevel Gear Set. Bevel gears are keyed for extra durability and strength. Standard AR44 high pinion gear & input shaft
  • High pinion axle setup for better clearance
  • Removable third member with reversible axle bevel gear positions for standard or counter rotation setups (swap gear to opposite side for counter rotation center drivetrain setup)
  • Chassis Mounted Servo (CMS) or Axle Mounted Servo (AMS) setup option
  • AR44 compatible CNC aluminum Knuckles
  • Splined axle and C-hub with adjustable caster angles for steering adjustments
  • Detachable knuckle lever for Behind-The-Axle steering setup option. Over 50 degree steering angle for steering in front and 45 degree for BTA setup.
  • Detachable CNC aluminum truss for 3-Link and 4-Link setup option
  • Leaf spring slots are ready for over or under the axle housing setup
  • BADASS HD Steel universal shaft for ultimate durability and strength for the axle drivetrain
  • Counter rotation stainless steel tie rod steering link for quick adjustments

  • 176mm / 6.93 inch pin to pin (front and rear)

  • 1x BRX90 Rear PHAT Axle Housing
  • 1x AR44 Heavy Duty Keyed Helical Bevel Gear & Input Shaft (30/8T) #BR955020
  • 2x CNC aluminum lockouts
  • 2x BRX90 BADASS Heavy Duty Rear Steel Driveshafts BRBD9002
  • 1x CNC Aluminum Truss
  • 2x CNC Aluminum Link Mounts with multiple shock position options
  • 2x CNC Aluminum 12mm Hex and Wheel Pins
  • Full set of rubber sealed bearings set for BRX90 Rear axle
  • Hardware

You will need:

  • For Leaf Spring setup, additional optional parts may/may not be needed depending on your setup. Leafs can be mounted directly on top or under the axle. We recommend this.

When you receive the axle:

Make sure all of the screws are tightened properly.

The gear positions are factory setup and should be ready to go. Rotate the drivetrain by hand for physical inspection.

Install spacers accordingly between the center driveshaft and the input shaft to prevent input shaft from unnecessary slop.

Rear driveshaft: BRBD9002
Brass bushings: BRLC7022A

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