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ECX Torment / Circuit / Ruckus Aluminum Upgrades By Boom Racing


Boom Racing has a bunch of different upgrades for ECX's Torment, Circuit, and Ruckus, with 6 different aluminum upgrades in at least 4 different colors to choose from!

The ECX Torment, Circuit, and Ruckus are all RTR vehicles that are beginner-friendly. Fitted with parts that ensures the vehicle's performance is sufficient. The Torment, Circuit, and Ruckus are three RC vehicles that can streamline a new hobbyist into the wonderful world of RC racing. Each of these cars are built for durability and ease of handling, and are worthy adversaries on the track in both expert and beginner hands. Every car can do with some upgrades though, and Boom Racing has made it their goal to provide some awesome upgrades for different brands, and the ECX line is in their sights. ECX cars are known for their hardiness and resistance, and these aluminum upgrades are sure to back that claim. Below is a list of the different parts available for the ECX Torment, Circuit, and Ruckus (the parts fit all three cars):

-Aluminium Front Suspension Arm Set
-Aluminium Rear Suspension Arm Set
-Aluminium Steering Block
-Aluminium Castor Mount
-Aluminium Rear Hub Carrier
-Aluminium Steering Bellcrank

All the pieces come in gun metal, black, blue, and silver. These bad boys are currently in stock and you can check them out on our site! For a list of all the ECX products and upgrades that we carry, check out our link below for the parts!

Author:Christopher Chu

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