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Finally Arrived! First Wave Of The Sakura D4 Upgrades Available


We all know that the 3Racing Sakura D4 is a fun chassis to play with, but it also needs enough aftermarket upgrades to support this car to let people to have fun with it.

Boom Racing being one of the first manufacturers out there making the aftermarket upgrades for the 3Racing Sakura D4 is finally making it's move to release the carbon fiber chassis & upper deck plate. Ofcourse you would want the best parts for your car to out-perform your competitors. The carbon fiber chassis is 2.5mm thick and trimmed in the right place to reduce the weight and increase the flexibility of the car. The top deck plate is 2.0mm thick that fits perfectly together with the chassis to make a good match. Overall reducing 8 grams of weight while increasing the overall performance of the car can make a whole new driving experience for Sakura D4 owners.

As we all know that Boom Racing makes awesome products like the Boomerang Type G shocks for crawlers & rock racers, and so what should we be expecting from Boom Racing stepping into the drift scene?

Along with all the upgrades designed for the Sakura D4 AWD & RWD, there are still more products to be expected from Boom Racing that drift owners should be aware of. In order to keep up with the trend where Rear Wheel Drive Drift chassis are getting more and more popular, Boom Racing will also be releasing a Gyro for those who wish to get into RWD drifting. So stay tuned with the updates, more products will be available for the Sakura D4 in the next few days.

Author:Felix Lam

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