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How To Make Our Night Crawler More Remarkable


One of the most exciting fun that Losi Night Crawler can bring us is that crawling fun doesn't have to end when the sun goes down anymore, but is there any way that we can make it more futuristic?

Boom Racing made Night Crawler a series of orange color aluminum upgrades. Now Boom Racing has brought three new colors' upgrades!

This time, Boom Racing has made us black, silver and gun metal color aluminum upgrades. These series of aluminum upgrades have extremely good glitters and metal effect. With its light on, for sure you will be amazed how cool this car can be during the night time. With strong aluminum upgrades, you can hit the rocks now at any time, day or night. And whether you're new to the crawling world or an experienced driver, you'll have a blast attacking the rocks all night long. Aluminum knuckles and hubs will provide superior durability to the driveline to handle the stresses of rock crawling. Glitter linkages provide durable and smooth operation without binding. New-designed C-hub provides more precise handling. What's more? Boom Racing steering linkages can provide even more outstanding performance with larger than 45 degrees of steering throw.

Ps, in case you have not noticed, you can also mount Night Crawler's upgrades to your Comp Crawler!

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Author:Sharon Lan

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