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Ceramic Rubber Sealed Full Ball Bearings Set (20 Total)


Product Model: Nitro RS4 3 Evo

Part #: NRS3BBZ/C

Weight: 58 Gram

Availability: Out Of Stock

Price: USD $53.90

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These ceramic bearings vastly reduce maintenance, if they do get wet, just re-oil go. They spin faster for improved top speed, accelerate more rapidly for better performance off the line and have lower friction which makes your drive-line more efficient so batteries last longer and motors run cooler. Heat build up is not an issue with ceramics as there is little or not expansion in the balls. The rubber seal protects dirt and fine dust from entering, making them a lot more durable.

Bearing set contains:

  • 8 piece - 10*15*4mm
  • 10 piece - 5*11*4mm
  • 2 piece - 5*8*2.5mm

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