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Mini Servo Mount Set for BRX01 (with Mini Servo)


Product Model: BRX01

Part #: BRLC70100KIT

Weight: 60 Gram


Price: USD $45.00

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This is a set of aluminum mini servo mount (2) for the BRX01 chassis with a JX High Voltage Mini Servo Waterproof Core Metal Gear 4.5KG 0.08s @ 8.4V.

Designed to use with the DIG T-Case #BRLC70101-DIG and SWD (2WD/4WD) T-Case #BRLC70301-SWD. If you plan to run either the DIG or SWD transfer case, this set of mounts add one extra mini servo control unit for the new transfer case and moves the original mini servo position to the opposite side of the new mini servo mount.

This set of mini servo mounts replace the original mini servo mount for the BRX01 chassis.

Servo Specification:

  • Control system:
    • PWM control 1500 u-sec is the central point PWM control 1500 u-sec is the central point
    • Max Angle:180°
      Pulse width: 1000-2000μs=90°
      Pulse width: 500-2500μs=180°
      Dead band: 4μs 1520μs/330hz
  • Working voltage: 6V~8.4V
  • Working temperature: -20C°~ +60C°
  • Torque: 6V 3.5Kg/cm; 8.4v 4.5Kg/cm
  • Idle speed: 6V 0.12sec/60º; 8.4V 0.10sec/60º
  • Idle current: 6V 150mA; 8.4V 180mA
  • Load current: 6V 260mA; 8.4V 340mA
  • Dead band: 4usec
  • Lifetime: >15000 times without load
  • Moving angle: 60º±2°
  • Drive type: Mos drive
  • Motor type: Cored motor
  • Potentiameter type: Direct drive
  • Signal booster type: Digital
  • Size: 23.2x12.5x25.6mm
  • Weight: 15g
  • Ball bearing: no
  • Gear material: Metal gear
  • Case material: PA66+fiber40%
  • Wire length:310mm
  • Wire gauge No and plus type: 26AWG, JR plug
  • Black: Negative Red: Positive White: Signal

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