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Muscle Winch™ High Torque 36KG Waterproof Servo Winch w/ Free Spool Unit


Product Model: BRX02,Electronics,Muscle Winch

Part #: BR-36SW

Weight: 130 Gram


USD $68.00

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Boom Racing's Muscle Winch™ is a dedicated and fully waterproofed internal servo winch designed and engineered from the ground up, delivering strong pulling power and reliable performance for any R/C builds.

Free Spool Unit

A dual-trigger free-spool unit is integrated into the Muscle Winch™ for quick winch release. There are two ways to trigger the free spool mechanism; one by pressing the button on top of the servo winch, and the other by pulling the knob on the bottom. This dual-trigger design makes the free-spool unit accessible from both sides of the servo winch, which is a major advantage when designing the layout of your servo winch placement.

To release the rope, press the button on top of the Muscle Winch™ or pull the knob from the bottom. This will disengage the locking mechanism allowing you to pull the rope out. Once you have reached the desired length, then release either the button or knob and continue pulling on the rope until you hear a “click” sound. The locking mechanism will re-engage and you are ready to winch.

The Muscle Winch can also be used without the free spool. You can use the radio to release the cable.

The Muscle Winch™ operates at 6V to 8.4V which produces up to 36KG of torque and features a billet aluminum case and full metal gears for strength and durability. A metal scale winch hook is included for the icing on the cake!

This servo winch is a direct plug-and-play product. It plugs straight into the receiver. All you need is a spare channel with a three-position switch to control the winch.

An optional Servo Winch Mount Kit for BRX01 #BRLC7200 is available.


  • Integrated Free Spool Unit
  • Operates at 6V-8.4V
  • Torque: 36KG (500oz) @8.4V / 27KG (375oz) @6.0V
  • Operating Speed: 95rpm @ 8.4V 72rpm @ 6.0V
  • Fully Waterproof IP67
  • Full metal case
  • Full metal gears
  • Metal hook included
  • Nylon winch line 68kg (2 meters) included

  • Muscle Winch with Free Spool Unit
  • Nylon winch line (2m)
  • Metal Hook
  • Decal sheet
  • Instruction Manual

Optional accessories:
  • Switch Button (2pcs) #BR-36Switch
  • Easy Access Knob #BR-36Knob
  • Universal Routing Kit #BR-36Route
  • 220 Fast Gear Set #BR-36Gear
  • Servo Winch Mount Kit for BRX01 #BRLC7200

  • Nylon Winch Line 2.5m & Metal Hook #BRSW36-RS3
  • Nylon Winch Line 2.5m (2) #BR-36Line
  • Waterproof Silicone Seal (2) #BR-36Seal
  • Stainless Steel Barrel #BR-36Barrel

Warranty: This product is covered by Boom Racing factory warranty. All electronic products are guaranteed defect-free. Please refer to the warranty information from the manufacturer.

Additional Notes: When using the following radio systems, some setup is known to be required.

*To avoid damaging the Muscle Winch, remove the hook from the rope if it is already attached before setting up the radio. 

Futaba 7PX/7PXR radio:
  • 1) Be sure to use the correct System Mode corresponding to the receiver according to the 7PXR user manual. [ Setup location: Home > Menu > Linkage > Receiver ]
  • 2) Turn off Channel 3 connection from the DT3 button. Turn on Channel 3 connection from the DT6 button on the radio which provides a three-position switch function. Then increase the DT6’s “Step” to 100. [ Setup location: Home > User Menu > Fifth page > Trim / Dial select ]
  • 3) Activate the Muscle Winch by pushing the DT6 button after the electronics are connected. The winch spool will start rotating and might judder. Adjust the Left and Right endpoints, in values 100 or above, to get rid of the juddering in both rotational directions. [ Setup location: Home > User Menu > First page > End point > Channel 3 ]

Fly Sky Noble NB-4 radio:
  • 1) Go into settings on the first page and select Assign.
  • 2) Select TR1-FB as a button for your winch control.
  • 3) On that screen for Type, select 3 POS, TR1-FB select CH3, and TR1-FB select REV.
  • 4) Once you are done with steps 1-3 go back to the main menu and select RX SET.
  • 5) Select Servo Frequency.
  • 6) Two options here, either select Analog or Digital servo. If selecting Analog, the setup is complete.
    If you want to use Digital, go on Custom set to 250Hz and the setup is complete.

Sanwa M12RS radio:
  • Set to modulation FH3E
  • Winch channel set to NOR
  • New Bind

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