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Boom Racing Releases KRAIT


If you've been looking to add weight to your crawler wheels, there is an answer. Boom Racing released this an adjustable weighted ring for their KRAIT™ Beadlock Wheel series.

This new Boom Racing beadlock weight system is designed for 1.9 crawler beadlock wheels.

Boom Racing has just released these great new items for extra weight on your wheels  so if you want some more weight for your rig and already upgraded to heavy metal axles and think that’s still not enough and don’t want to put loads of weight in your chassis. Look no further Boom Racing adjustable weighted center beadlock wheel ring are simple to use just replace the center beadlook ring of your wheel and it allows you to add and choose how much weight you want to put in each wheel so it gives a wide range of low down weight to choose from for your rig.

KRAIT™ Adjustable Weighted Beadlock Wheel Ring

Pack Includes:

2x Center Ring Piece
2x Rubber Band
6x Plastic Spacers
40x Double-sided Tape
40x Lead Weights  


Author:Ricky Man

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