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New Release: BullRopeRC Performance Aluminum Shock Tower


Boom Racing's latest release is the new BullRopeRC Performance Aluminum Shock Tower, an upgrade made to increase your RR10's durability and performance!

The new BullRopeRC Performance Aluminum Shock Tower With Strut Bar provides a large amount of mounting options for your RR10's rear suspension. You can now test and adjust your rear suspension with more accuracy. It also allows you to use a double-shock rear set-up if you choose to do so. 

It also comes with an aluminum strut bar that provides reinforcement between the shock tower. In bad rolls or falls, you can depend on the strut bar to help hold your rig together, preventing broken parts. Available in black, blue, or gun metal, this part ships with the right and left shock mounts, 2 spacers, hardware for the mount, and the strut bar. Valued at $24.99, this is a definite upgrade to have if your RR10 is going crawling or rock racing!

Author:Chris Chu

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